Saturday, October 11, 2008

Project: Organization

I had to take a break from the halloween costumes to "organize my life" as my sister Debbie would call it. I just couldn't hack it any longer.

It started with the onset of winter. That would be happening today (Friday) and tomorrow. We are supposed to be getting snow (where are my antidepressants when I need them?) tomorrow. So I needed to bring out the fall jackets (seems like we just started wearing them a week ago) and the winter coats. My coat closet has been such a mess, and every time I open it, it's like a "stuff it in the closet and kick it shut" kinda moment.

I purchased these cute hooks in February, and finally hung them a couple days ago, with the helpful support of my husband. We relocated our shoe basket from upstairs, to down here by the hooks.
Now when we come in from the garage, all shoes, coats, and school bags stay here, before walking upstairs. It seems to help a lot with locating shoes as well. They never make it upstairs into the mess of a bedroom or amidst the toys in the family room. I haven't had to hollar at anyone lately about why their shoes aren't in the basket (we'll see how long this lasts!).

So while digging coats out of the closet, things falling on my head, stuff creeping out from under the door when shut, I decided I'd had enough. It was time to revamp the closet. I have an "art cart" for the kids in the closet. Bella is a "craft addict" and is constantly drawing, cutting and pasting. (I seriously have NO idea where she got that from) So we have some paper/marker/crayon issues. I replaced her old cart (with the little drawers), and bought this new style of cart. I dug up all the .01 cent pencil boxes I purchased this summer, and my label maker. This style works so much better. We love it!

Now I have put a shelf above, and I love, love, love these boxes. There is one for each child (yes, Reed needs one too), and one for me. Any artwork, scrapbooking items, or anything paper having to do with that particular child goes in the box. When full, it gets cleaned out. Bella gets to eliminate her own papers (which she does very well, sometimes too well) and save just her favorites. Then we will add more until it's time to clean it out again. I have a bin for cameras, chargers, cords, batteries, video tapes. A basket for hats, gloves and scarfs, and a basket for my church visual aids.On the inside of the closet door, I have made a "command center". I have an organizer for Bella's friday folder (homework), and her special reading book. Another slot is for mail, and another for Jeff.

Everything has been hung with "command" adhesive (no pun intended). I have a little clip that I can put the girl's school calendars on, and room to grow.

I am so happy to get this clean. We all love it!


Chantellebr said...

You are Superwoman. It's gotta feel so, so good to get all that done. You deserve a massage now.

Diana said...

Wo! you totally rocked the organization, makes me want to revamp some things!

Jane said...

Looks awesome, I have no idea where Bella gets her craftiness either, hmmmmm. I love your new and imporved art cart system.

Tinkstoy said...

I need you to come to my house and help me get back on track. WOW...when I grow up (which will be never) I want to be like you. Miss you.

Jen said...

Please, please, come and organize my home now! Ha, Ha!! Love your blog- just gave you a creative blog award over at Creative and Curious Kids!

Congrats!! Jen