Monday, October 13, 2008

The fall of Fall

Fall fell flat on it's face Saturday. The snow bowled it over and I'm not very happy about that. In case you're new to my blog, I am not a fan of winter. Why do I live in Utah then? Because my husband has a great job and Jeff has some family here (end of story).

While we thought we were adequately prepared for Bella's soccer game, we quickly discovered we were not. The last 15 minutes of the game the temperature dropped even more, and within 5 minutes we had snow falling on us. With 7 minutes of the game to go, the little players are running into the snow, crying and trying to see the ball through the snow and tears. We (unfortunately) played every last second of the game, were soaked and frozen by the time we arrived to our car.

It has snowed Saturday, Sunday, and today, and Bella has a "make-up" game tomorrow that I think will be a repeat of Saturday.

It was pretty funny to wake up yesterday morning and find Bella head to toe in snow bibs, coat, hat, gloves, scarf, and rain boots (we don't own snow boots, yet). She was on the trampoline getting frustrated because the 1" of snow, that hadn't melted yet, wasn't making the best snowman.

Meanwhile Sofie was dressed the same as Bella, but sitting on the couch, and Jeff was reading her a book.

And yes, my snow prediction was 12 days late, so sorry.


Katie said...

I am challenging myself to say "fall fell flat on its face" ten times fast. It's not easy.

I am seriously laughing at the comment you made about the pics of my girls. You crack me up.

scollier said...

That's it you can no longer be the weather man. It is tradition that on the first snow fall my mom calls each of us and plays Christmas music. After the first snow fall Christmas music is no longer forbidden, even in VA. She called Saturday and said that it started snowing Friday night, and they have 4-5 inches on the ground. CRAZY!!!!! By the way I had some ladies over her this morning to finish planning our Super Saturday and am totally missing you. Can you come do crafts with me? Also they put me in as the 2nd counselor in the YW's presidency yesterday! I am so excited to be working with the yw again!!! Miss ya tons but love ya more!

Susan said...

My prediction---Some day you will look back on these times as the best in your life. Trust me--I've been there and would give anything to go back!

Chantellebr said...

I LOVE SNOW! Wanna come with us to the cabin and hike from the make-shift parking lot to the cabin up the steep little hill in the hopefully snowmoble packed snow... otherwise there's snow to your knees to trudge through... hauling everything you'll need while there, then shovel your way into the cabin where you turn on the heater and start a fire and wait for it to get warm? SO FUN!!! You should come!!!

Alison said...

I walked over to the school today to pick up Kendall. It was so dang hot!!! Unbelievable. I kept mumbling that the middle of October should not be HOT! Ugh.

Amy said...

Oh... just you wait.

Fall will be back and so will summer. And then just about the time you think, "This ain't so bad... winter will hit for good."

At any given time you have to be prepared to whip out the flip flops, the hoodies, or the snow bibs.

I like the South Cali weather better myself. I'm addicted! If I could just stand the California drivers, I'd be packin' for sure!