Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can't I just have a little piece of heaven?

So, can you tell I haven't been into blogging lately? I've been keeping myself quite busy as usual. I've been working on refinishing headboards/footboards for the girls. Bella's is done, still working on Sofie's. I'll post photos when I'm done. I have much to catch up on, but not right now.

If you've seen the popular blog thing to do lately is to go into "google" and type your first name and the word "needs" after it. See what top 10 things you supposedly need. I did it, and kept coming up with other people's blogs that have done it. So I changed it to "Dawn wants"

1. Dawn wants a piece of heaven (how true is that?!)
2. Dawn wants a fish
3. Dawn wants any and all!!!
4. Dawn wants robo calls stopped
5. Dawn wants K-mart shoppers' attention
6. Dawn wants to rethink the way we treat animals
7. Dawn wants to talk about her feelings for a little bit
8. Dawn wants to make certain everyone in Nevada has the same opportunity to achieve his or her own aspirations.
9. Dawn wants to try it out
10. Dawn wants to start a family

It's pretty funny, you should see what it is YOU want out of life. Google will tell you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

The kids enjoyed a fun box from Auntie Di - always a treat!Loved putting together their valentines for their friends at school.
Woke up to fun Valentine's presents on their plates.
The girls got little Barbie MP3 players - which they LOVE!
Reed got a new truck which makes lots of noise - so fun!
We had our usual heart shaped pizza - the kids really were dressed and ready between breakfast and dinner, I just happened to take photos after baths that night.
And our yummy dessert was cake balls - mmmm . . . good!
It was so much fun!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Buzz

So on the news they're talking about how Africanized Killer Bees have been found in traps in and Southern Utah. They want to alert Utahns that the Bees have arrived to the state, and to take some precautions. Don't panic, just make sure that your home is secure without any holes through the exterior walls, and call emergency workers if you suspect you have some on your property.

What do they expect? After all, Utah is the BEEHIVE state.

Friday, February 6, 2009

100th Day of School

Today was Bella's 100th Day of school. Her teacher had all kinds of activities involving them counting to 100. One thing was that each child was to bring 100 items to school. We decided to make cookies. Bella used some food coloring pens to number the cookies.

We had so much fun making them together, and she had fun counting them out again at school and distributing them to her classmates.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

And the winner is . . .


I'll get it in the mail to you today - Congratulations & Happy Valentine's Day!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-02-05 15:37:27 UTC

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Silly Sofie

Sofie is a crack up! She can also be an absolute mess (thanks to being 3). Here are some of the funny things she's done lately.

Jeff told the kids it was time to take a bath, and Sofie responded while giggling "DAD! We don't have to take a bath, we took a bath last year!"

We were in the car, and Sofie was singing at the top of her lungs, (to the tune of "Jimmy Crack Corn") "Kitty Cat Corn, and I Care, Kitty Cat Corn, and I Care" over and over again.

She is constantly asking for her hair to be put in a braid, any kind of braid, and today I found out why. She likes to un-braid it at night when she goes to bed. She demonstrated it this morning just after I braided her hair.

On Sunday we were leaving Aunt Jane's house and Sofie was missing a shoe. I told the kids "whoever finds Sofie's shoe gets a quarter!" Bella and Julia were scrambling. Jimmy had no interest in a mere quarter. I decided we'd looked long enough and told the kids we were leaving. Sofie was still concerned she'd never have her shoe again. I reassured her that Aunt Jane would find it and give it to us the next time we saw her. Then she said "and Aunt Jane will get a quarter!".

Thanks WAMU!

Yesterday morning I had a call from our bank that they had declined my debit card that morning for an online purchase. They were wondering if we had authorized the transaction.

Come to find out, someone was trying to buy something from an Italian website (computer equipment, go figure) for $179. Our bank thought it was suspicious, and declined the payment. It was fraud, and they are reissuing us new cards.

Jeff and I were very relieved that they caught it, and hope that is the end of it. Now we are going to check our credit report and make sure it it still as it should be.