Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thanks WAMU!

Yesterday morning I had a call from our bank that they had declined my debit card that morning for an online purchase. They were wondering if we had authorized the transaction.

Come to find out, someone was trying to buy something from an Italian website (computer equipment, go figure) for $179. Our bank thought it was suspicious, and declined the payment. It was fraud, and they are reissuing us new cards.

Jeff and I were very relieved that they caught it, and hope that is the end of it. Now we are going to check our credit report and make sure it it still as it should be.


Chuck Charley said...

I had a fraud scare once, now use Lifelock. I'm not sure if it works but the $1 mil insurance helps me sleep.

scollier said...

Oh my! Jonathan just had his company credit card # stolen. Do you know how they got it? So scary.