Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Silly Sofie

Sofie is a crack up! She can also be an absolute mess (thanks to being 3). Here are some of the funny things she's done lately.

Jeff told the kids it was time to take a bath, and Sofie responded while giggling "DAD! We don't have to take a bath, we took a bath last year!"

We were in the car, and Sofie was singing at the top of her lungs, (to the tune of "Jimmy Crack Corn") "Kitty Cat Corn, and I Care, Kitty Cat Corn, and I Care" over and over again.

She is constantly asking for her hair to be put in a braid, any kind of braid, and today I found out why. She likes to un-braid it at night when she goes to bed. She demonstrated it this morning just after I braided her hair.

On Sunday we were leaving Aunt Jane's house and Sofie was missing a shoe. I told the kids "whoever finds Sofie's shoe gets a quarter!" Bella and Julia were scrambling. Jimmy had no interest in a mere quarter. I decided we'd looked long enough and told the kids we were leaving. Sofie was still concerned she'd never have her shoe again. I reassured her that Aunt Jane would find it and give it to us the next time we saw her. Then she said "and Aunt Jane will get a quarter!".


Jane said...

I love those stories. Speaking of the I found the shoe today while I was vaccuuming Jimmy's room, just add the quarter to the tab I owe you =)

S.J. Crawford said...

Baths once a year! Nice!!! Love the cute quotes by the cute girl!!

Aileen said...

I LOVE 3 year-olds! Esp. 3 year-olds named Sofie. When are you and Jeff going to drop the kids off here & head to the coast for a weekend getaway????

Katie said...

Silly Sofie, AND Smart Sofie. She is a clever little thing!

Chuck Charley said...

Regarding the bath comment. What date did she say this? If it was January 1st then she would have been correct and appears to be an ideal candidate for law school.

scollier said...

We need to talk about this whole bath once a year thing. :)