Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wild things

I'm so looking forward to this movie:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Today is Jeff's Birthday. We always have quite the week of celebrating, because our birthdays are 6 days apart.

If honor of our birthdays, we enjoyed a weekend getaway to Manti. My niece Shelly came to stay with the kids and we left on Friday, and came home Sunday night. It was great. A much needed break. We loved going to a small town, and having that peaceful, slow paced atmosphere. As much as I love living in/near a big city, there's nothing like a small town. We love just driving around from small town to small town, and walking down Main Street and checking out all the little shops.We stayed at the Yardley Inn & Spa, a little bed & breakfast. It was so nice, and the owners were extremely consciencious of the guest, making sure everyone was comfortable and their needs were met.
This is definitely on our list of places we must return to before too very long. It was great to have a conversation with my husband and not hear little people yelling at me for things, or wanting to interject their own conversations.
It was also nice not to have to load/unload kids everywhere we went. I didn't have to pack snacks, carry a diaper bag, push a stroller, put hairbows in little ponytails, or listen to a temper tantrum all weekend! Talk about luxury!
The other thing we loved, and the main reason we picked Manti, was to attend the Temple. I have admired the Manti Temple since I was very young. My sister Dayna had a large picture of it hanging in her room, and I've always thought it was beautiful. Now I know the inside is even more magnificent. It is a definite favorite of ours now, and we can't wait to return again.

So tonight I decided to have a little (tiny crowd) surprise birthday party for Jeff. Coming off of a weekend away, it was quite little, and not as put together as I would have liked it, but it worked out to be a fun time. It was a "sports" theme, so he had a football balloon, and a baseball balloon. I quickly made these cake pops into basketballs and baseballs. My friend picked up these baseball candles (that's what's stuck on top of the cake balls - it's a little hard to figure out why they're double decker!) that went along with the theme perfectly.
And we had a baseball pinata. All the kids took their turn. It had to be in our basement because A) It was snowing outside, B) It was freezing outside, C) Even if it wasn't snowing or freezing outside, we have no tree or deck from which we could hang it from.
And the birthday boy got to take the final swings to break it open. I think he needs to get back on a softball team, check out that form!Happy Birthday Jeff! Thanks for a fabulous weekend, a fun day, and fantastic 10+ years of being together! Love you!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The festivities

I woke up to this on my porch:

I have NO idea who did this, but have would just like to say "THANKS" to Chantelle and Crystal. I don't know why I'm thanking them, for telling everyone how OLD I am!

And then at lunchtime my door rang and it was my sweet husband holding balloons, and a cake from "Nothing Bundt Cakes".

Yummy! We enjoyed it after dinner last night. Jeff even bought ding dongs for the kids so I could eat more of the cake! I loved having it for breakfast this morning as well!

He also brought me flowers, with Lilies in it. I LOVE the smell of lilies in the house! I enjoyed a great lunch out with some friends, and loved all the sweet messages from each of you! Thanks for thinking of me!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to each of you!

In honor of my birthday, I've decided to post something (amazing, huh?).

I've already had so many fun things I've done for my birthday. I've gone for a pedicure (love them!), went to dinner at 5 guys burgers and fries (yum!), and went to see a movie. I also have enjoyed having Jeff's sister Aileen and her family in town this weekend, along with Jeff's aunt Marilyn and cousin Jenny in town.
Jane, Susan, Aileen, Aunt Marilyn, Jenny, and Aunt Carol and I had a day out. We had so much fun shopping, eating, and laughing yesterday. Read more about Marilyn here. Went to Tai Pan and found some treasures, then to Gardner Village for more shopping and lunch. It was great.

Then I hosted dinner last night and had Jeff's family over. We put the trampoline cover back on (took it down for the winter) and the kids had a blast bouncing all over the place. Here's the 11 cousins that were all together. We missed you Katie & Jack! They had a ball. I made "Herbed Chicken in Puff Pastry" for dinner. I'll post it on my recipe blog soon. It was yummy!

Looking forward to lunch with my girlfriends today - I'll post more soon!

Friday, March 13, 2009

makeup brushes

So I saw this on the morning show last month and decided that was what I wanted for my birthday. New makeup brushes. Mom & Dad sent me a little cash for my b-day next week, and I'm going to Target to pick out some brushes.

Click on this link to read about the must haves for brushes. Maybe you too will decide you need some new ones.


I just found this blog called "a print a day" and she has free downloads. Check out this super cute sheet of little girls dresses gift tags.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Dress Party!

I am having another dress party on Monday! There are 1000 dresses to choose from, sizes 2T-14 and also infant dresses. They range from $20 to $37. This year she has a sale rack of $20 dresses from previous years. She will also have Baptism dresses available.
I have done these for years now, and always find great dresses for the girls. You can find matching dresses for all ages, and she can mail you any sizes she has out of stock. I always get many compliments on the girls unique dresses from the dress party.Monday March 9th
12:30-2:30 p.m.
In my driveway

If you need directions to my house, please email or call me.

Dress parties are going on all over the valley. From Spanish Fork to Sugarhouse. If you would like to attend one in your area, email me, and I'll find the party closest to you.

Of course there's a bonus to me if you can make it to mine.
I would love to see you there!