Friday, April 24, 2009


Bella's school had a fundraiser today - a walk-a-thon.
Bella raised money (Thanks to Grandmas & Grandpa and Aunts & Uncles!) and walked a WHOLE MILE! It was fun and a we loved doing it as a family with her.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


This sassy little thing says the funniest things to me all day long. From saying words like "arshmellow" to referring a little girl as a "girl kid". The other day Reed was eating a granola bar and took a drink from Sofie's cup. When she got the cup back it was filled with granola backwash. She took one look at it and hollered at Reed very sternly "you gotta brush your teeth Reed!"

She just started swimming lessons. Or as Sofie calls them "swimming blessings". It's too cute to watch her sit on the little step and wait her turn! She was shocked to find out that her preschool teacher was not her swimming teacher. She adapted well to the change of instructors though.
She doesn't look very happy here, but I assure you she loves her lessons!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Watch out world! Here she comes!

This cute girl learned how to ride her bike last week! Hurray!

She had spring break, so we worked with her for a couple of evenings, and on the second night, she figured it out. She was so happy we had to take it in the dark on the night she learned. Then the next couple of days it snowed and rained, and boy was she sad that she couldn't go out and practice.

She also had her first soccer game on Saturday. I'll take pictures this week of her at her game. She loves it, but doesn't understand why she needs to practice, because she says "I already know how to play!"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reed Turns 2!

My baby turns into a little boy today!

He kicked off his 2nd year with a bang last night and dislocated his elbow. Otherwise known as "nursemaid elbow", I took him over to the urgent care about 7:00, paid only $15, and we were home by 8:00. Thankfully, it didn't cost much, or take much time. But it was sad to see him coddle his little arm and hear him say "hurt mama" over and over again. He didn't cry though, he is very tough and generally gets a bonk and walks it off. This time he kept wincing and pulling on his fingers, and that's how I knew it really hurt.We had his party this weekend, and had lots of fun with Grandma, Aunt Jane & Uncle Aaron, and lots of cousins. We were happy that Reed's college cousins Katie, Ben and Shelly could join as well!
It was a Curious George theme, and since we tend to have a perpetual wind in our neighborhood, we had everyone bring kites. We had "Curious George flies a kite", and "Curious George goes camping" and had a tent set up. We had bubbles and sidewalk chalk to keep the children entertained as well. There was coloring table where each child had a Curious George coloring book just for them. We had a fun game of "Pin the tail on the donkey", Curious George style involving a butterfly, and feasted on hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the fixings.No party is complete without beating a poor pinata beyond recognition of course. Reed had become quite good friends with "George" during the week, as the pinata sat in my closet. He'd walk in and say "Hi George" periodically throughout the day. I think he was quite confused with the poor thing came crashing down in 2 pieces!

In lieu of a fancy cake, I did something different and more simple. We had frozen chocolate banana pops. I did a small cake for Reed to blow out the candles, but due to the terrific "kite flying" wind, we couldn't get the candles lit! Oh well, we'll light them tonight and sing again!He opened his presents and got a GeoTrax train station, and lots of tracks. He loves it! He has played with it non-stop, and loves the remote control to make the train go.

What I love most about Reed at this age:
He always has a little toy in his hand, typically, a car or a motorcycle.

That anytime he has a ball in his hand, it HAS to be thrown
(this can also be frustrating though when in a grocery store, or the ball is a golf ball at Grandpa's head!)

He still loves to give me hugs and kisses!
I love you Reed! Happy Birthday little boy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time is running out!

If you are in the Salt Lake/Utah County area - you really should consider this fantastic deal!

When was the last time you had a family picture taken that you absolutely love? How about a photo to show off your little one's new tooth? What about a photo of just you and your husband? Now's the time to capture those precious moments, because time does not stand still!

My fabulous sister-in-law Jane is still booking sittings for photo sessions at the amazing introductory price of $35! Click here to check out her new photography blog.

Book before April 22nd to take advantage of this deal. After the 22nd, it will be $50 (which is still a steal!). I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed! And if you are, she'll take you out again until you are happy with the end result.Call or email me if you want her phone number. We love our photos!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Britain's Got Talent

Katie sent this to us in an email. To me, this is what reality TV is all about. Jeff and I have watched this so many times, and love it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Faux hawk

Let me tell you, I am 100% not a fan of the "faux hawk" (especially at church), nor am I a fan of a mohawk. But I couldn't resist taking photos of Reed with his major bad bedhead, after his nap today.It actually looks like people are intentionally doing to their little boy's hair. Maybe they just don't want to do their kids' hair when they wake up, and this is the result.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

The beans were planted
(If you're unfamiliar with our tradition, click here)

And harvested
The baskets were filled (thank you Mr. Easter Bunny)

the children were delighted

For the first time, they had stuffed bunnies in their baskets. They were very excited about the new addition to their baskets. Bella's is named "Cadbury" (after mommy's pet bunny growing up), Sofie's is named "Strawberry Shortcake", and Reed's is named "Blue Bunny" (after the ice cream, yum!)Bella and her friend conjured up a plan to leave a note for the Easter Bunny requesting an egg hunt all over the house. She was, however, disappointed to hear that the Easter Bunny could not write her a note back. I had to explain that unlike Santa, or the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny is an animal, and how on earth could he write with those giant paws? She didn't care the next morning when she and her siblings had 50 candy-filled eggs to find. Thanks Jeff, just what the kids need. More candy. Couldn't you fill them with trail mix?

Reed LOVED egg hunts!
After church we enjoyed a fabulous dinner and dessert with Grandma Susan, Jane, Aaron & kids.
We hope you all had a great Easter weekend, filled with family, friends, and a remembrance of the reason for the holiday.

Friday, April 10, 2009


My blog is now on Facebook! If you are on FB, you can check out any updates to my blog much easier.

If you're not on FB - it's time you joined.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Talented Women

I absolutely LOVE collaborating with other women. I have had many an opportunity to work with other women, and always love partaking of their many talents.

Some groups I have done:

Family home evening groups - where we each pick a topic and make a lesson for each member of the group. I have many, many great lessons for my family from doing this.

Dinner group - 4 of us each pick a night of the week. My night is Wednesday. Each week I make dinner for my family, and the other 3. It is delivered typically in early afternoon with instructions to finish the meal (by baking, grilling, sauteing, etc.)

And my latest is a Sacrament meeting group. We had a group of 20 women, and each of us contributed 20 of the same item. It had to be something to keep kids quiet during Sacrament meeting. We had items for different ages, but most were for younger children (it seems their attention span is a bit shorter!). I am making 3 different bags out of the items I received. That way I can rotate them, and it will better keep their attention.This a list of what I received:
(4) file folder games
(1) Sacrament Bingo (mark off words you hear, leave it my kids to be the ones to scream BINGO in the middle of it all)
(1) Mini chalkboard & eraser
(2) Paper dolls with outfits
(1) Flipchart on latter-day prophets
(1) Articles of Faith keychain (Bella will love this, she's been working on memorizing them)
(1) Gospel coloring book
(1) Puzzle
(1) "Learn about time" reusable workbook
(1) Shapes - use them to make pictures
(1) Reusable gospel game/puzzle book for kids that can read
(4) Lacing cards
(1) "I Spy" bag
(1) Gospel ABC's flipchart
(1) Book to read during the Sacrament
(1) Sticker/notepad booklet
(1) Crayon roll up with notepad

If any of you want any information on how to start any of these groups on your own, let me know, I'd be happy to forward what information I have to you!
Speaking of creativity, my sister forwarded this to me, and I love how they portrayed this short bit from President Uchtdorf's talk.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Spring!

Today was the kind of spring day we Utahns dream about! (Did I really just call myself a UTAHN?) Oh dear, I must have brain freeze!

It was 70 degrees and fabulous!Jane, my adorable sister-in-law, is now accepting photography clients! Yeah! She's an absolute STEAL, and you must make your appointment before her prices quadruple (because they will before too long, she's THAT good!). She is only charging $35 for a 1 hour photo session, editing of the photos, and a CD with all the photos on it. Click here to visit her blog, and see more fabulous photos.

She took the kids photos today in their Easter outfits, and they turned out darling! I LOVE them! I'm so excited to have good photos of each of them, and all three of them together. Now THAT is a feat! Reed was being an absolute stinker, and for much of the photo session, he absolutely REFUSED to cooperate, or be anywhere near the camera. Amazingly enough, she got great photos of him. I'm telling you, she's great!

Judge for yourself:

New Party Blog

I am being featured today on this great party blog!

It's called "Creative Parties and Showers" and it has some darling ideas. This is a definite "go to" for me now for looking for party ideas. In the next 5 months, I have all three kids birthdays, so it's great timing!