Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Watch out world! Here she comes!

This cute girl learned how to ride her bike last week! Hurray!

She had spring break, so we worked with her for a couple of evenings, and on the second night, she figured it out. She was so happy we had to take it in the dark on the night she learned. Then the next couple of days it snowed and rained, and boy was she sad that she couldn't go out and practice.

She also had her first soccer game on Saturday. I'll take pictures this week of her at her game. She loves it, but doesn't understand why she needs to practice, because she says "I already know how to play!"


Susan said...

Congratulations Isabella!! I won't ever admit how old I was when I finally learned how to ride a bike. You go girl!!

Katie said...

Love how PROUD she looks. Way to go Isabella!!

Chuck Charley said...

Way to go Bella!!! "It feels like flying!" This opens a whole new world!