Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reed Turns 2!

My baby turns into a little boy today!

He kicked off his 2nd year with a bang last night and dislocated his elbow. Otherwise known as "nursemaid elbow", I took him over to the urgent care about 7:00, paid only $15, and we were home by 8:00. Thankfully, it didn't cost much, or take much time. But it was sad to see him coddle his little arm and hear him say "hurt mama" over and over again. He didn't cry though, he is very tough and generally gets a bonk and walks it off. This time he kept wincing and pulling on his fingers, and that's how I knew it really hurt.We had his party this weekend, and had lots of fun with Grandma, Aunt Jane & Uncle Aaron, and lots of cousins. We were happy that Reed's college cousins Katie, Ben and Shelly could join as well!
It was a Curious George theme, and since we tend to have a perpetual wind in our neighborhood, we had everyone bring kites. We had "Curious George flies a kite", and "Curious George goes camping" and had a tent set up. We had bubbles and sidewalk chalk to keep the children entertained as well. There was coloring table where each child had a Curious George coloring book just for them. We had a fun game of "Pin the tail on the donkey", Curious George style involving a butterfly, and feasted on hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the fixings.No party is complete without beating a poor pinata beyond recognition of course. Reed had become quite good friends with "George" during the week, as the pinata sat in my closet. He'd walk in and say "Hi George" periodically throughout the day. I think he was quite confused with the poor thing came crashing down in 2 pieces!

In lieu of a fancy cake, I did something different and more simple. We had frozen chocolate banana pops. I did a small cake for Reed to blow out the candles, but due to the terrific "kite flying" wind, we couldn't get the candles lit! Oh well, we'll light them tonight and sing again!He opened his presents and got a GeoTrax train station, and lots of tracks. He loves it! He has played with it non-stop, and loves the remote control to make the train go.

What I love most about Reed at this age:
He always has a little toy in his hand, typically, a car or a motorcycle.

That anytime he has a ball in his hand, it HAS to be thrown
(this can also be frustrating though when in a grocery store, or the ball is a golf ball at Grandpa's head!)

He still loves to give me hugs and kisses!
I love you Reed! Happy Birthday little boy!


Diana said...

Happy Birthday Reed-i-o! Can't believe he is 2!
alyisa had that nursemaid elbow a couple of times...sort of scary! The weather is looking nicer for ya! :)

Jane said...

Happy Birthday little guy. I love his little smile playing with his new toy. I am glad his elbow is alright.

Brooke said...

What fun pictures. It seems like you were just barely visiting with him as a brand new little baby, and then you were just barely celebrating his first birthday! I love the monster sweat shirt! and the banana's were a great idea!

Katie said...

Dislocated shoulder! His way of welcoming you to the joys of parenting an official TODDLER BOY.

Happy Birthday Reed! I love you handsome boy!

Susan said...

That was such a fun, creative party!

Aileen said...

Happy Birthday to one sweet & adorable little boy. It melts me how quick he is to let me hold him and will start conversing (repeat any word I say) immediately even though he doesn't know me as well as I wish. He is so much fun!

Daily Jot & Tittle said...

You are so clever with everything you do. Seriously...how do you do everything?