Thursday, April 9, 2009

Talented Women

I absolutely LOVE collaborating with other women. I have had many an opportunity to work with other women, and always love partaking of their many talents.

Some groups I have done:

Family home evening groups - where we each pick a topic and make a lesson for each member of the group. I have many, many great lessons for my family from doing this.

Dinner group - 4 of us each pick a night of the week. My night is Wednesday. Each week I make dinner for my family, and the other 3. It is delivered typically in early afternoon with instructions to finish the meal (by baking, grilling, sauteing, etc.)

And my latest is a Sacrament meeting group. We had a group of 20 women, and each of us contributed 20 of the same item. It had to be something to keep kids quiet during Sacrament meeting. We had items for different ages, but most were for younger children (it seems their attention span is a bit shorter!). I am making 3 different bags out of the items I received. That way I can rotate them, and it will better keep their attention.This a list of what I received:
(4) file folder games
(1) Sacrament Bingo (mark off words you hear, leave it my kids to be the ones to scream BINGO in the middle of it all)
(1) Mini chalkboard & eraser
(2) Paper dolls with outfits
(1) Flipchart on latter-day prophets
(1) Articles of Faith keychain (Bella will love this, she's been working on memorizing them)
(1) Gospel coloring book
(1) Puzzle
(1) "Learn about time" reusable workbook
(1) Shapes - use them to make pictures
(1) Reusable gospel game/puzzle book for kids that can read
(4) Lacing cards
(1) "I Spy" bag
(1) Gospel ABC's flipchart
(1) Book to read during the Sacrament
(1) Sticker/notepad booklet
(1) Crayon roll up with notepad

If any of you want any information on how to start any of these groups on your own, let me know, I'd be happy to forward what information I have to you!
Speaking of creativity, my sister forwarded this to me, and I love how they portrayed this short bit from President Uchtdorf's talk.


Jane said...

I love being part of these groups too, even though I feel sorry for everyone else that receives my item. By the way I take no offense that my i Spy bag is not pictured =)

Katie said...

Love this idea! Yet another reason I need to move to West Jordan.

Bella is memorizing the Articles of Faith? Already!? SO proud!