Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's about time!

So, it's been a while since I last posted something. It has been quite busy since October. I've been through morning sickness, and now in my last trimester of pregnancy. Since then, at church I have a huge new responsibility, and so when I'm not dealing with my little ones, working with the teenage girls at church, or working on my never ending projects, I'm napping. I have many, many posts to catch up on, and eventually, they'll get here. Just bear with me in the process! In the meantime, here's something that warrants a post - I'm just too excited not to share!

A Proud Sister

This morning my sister Dianne had a great surprise awaiting her at school. She has been a school teacher for many years now at Cactus View Elementary, in Phoenix. I can't even begin to describe how much time, energy, and thought she puts into her kids and her classroom. Many countless hours she has spent at school, only to go home and continue the work. Typically only on holidays does she take time away from grading papers or improving her lessons.

Needless to say, those of us that have lived by her, and witnessed firsthand her hard work, were ecstatic to hear of the proceedings that took place this morning.
On Friday my sister Dayna received a phone call from the school that Di would be receiving the Rio Salado College "Excellence in Education" award this morning from the local radio station. She was invited to either attend or listen on the air. It was to be kept a surprise from Dianne. Dayna informed each of us, so that we could send cards to Di and listen in on the radio.

Dayna told me that the radio broadcast was very abbreviated from what was taped, but it was nice to hear it, nonetheless.
This is the letter that was sent into KEZ 99.9 fm in Phoenix. It was sent by a parent of a student currently in Dianne's class. This was read on the air, and they spoke briefly to the mother and son.
There are not a enough words that express what a tremendous year this has been for my son Zachary in Ms. Orr's fourth grade class. Not only does Ms. Orr teach the basics, but she also teachs the children about working together and how important the self worth is. Ms. Orr encourages the children in her care to think positive and appreciate what everyone contributes to the team. My son Zach has autism, and is in a typical classroom. Social skills have always been a challenge for him. Ms. Orr took the time to come up with checklists and ideas to help him become more successful with his peers. With her help and encouragment, he has become the child that I always knew he could be! The year is only half over, and if the year keeps going the way it is, I can only dream of what the outcome will be! So, thank you Ms. Orr for your commitment to the children in your classroom, for not only looking at a child's mind, but taking into consideration the whole child and making them be the best kid they can be!

Sara Lee

Here's Marty Manning from the radio station presenting the award with Zachary.
Here's my sister Dayna and her cute family who came out so early in the morning to support Dianne.
Way to go Di - we are so proud of you!