Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dress up dolls

I always thought EVERY mom treated their daughter as a dress up doll - but from the children I see everywhere - apparently not. Well, I have fun with it anyway. Who knows? These could be my only two girls.

So, when trying to decide which dresses to get for Easter Sunday, I couldn't decide. So I took both! Because of this, that and the other, I only paid for 1 dress, so it's not like I broke the bank!

So today was like Easter Sunday part II. I even put more effort into Reed's outfit today. He actually wore shoes to church.

After church Bella told me that a little boy in his class asked her why her dress was so big. She said, "I don't know, it's just big." And he commented again that it sure was big. It was pretty funny. They remind me of flower girl dresses - if anyone's gettin' hitched and needs some flower girls, you'd better call before they outgrow them!

Friday, March 28, 2008

A New Version of a Classic

Breaking News!

Did you know that as of just THIS MORNING there is a new version of the Primary song "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam"?
It goes something like this:

Jesus wants you to eat your cereal
And eat it everyday
It will make you strong and healthy
And not cranky all day

Your cereal, your cereal
Jesus wants you to eat your cereal
Your cereal, your cereal
Please eat your cereal all gone

I am sure that Jesus wants Sofie to eat. The great thing is that this can be adapted to most any meal - insert "sandwich", "dinner", "apples", etc.
No, I don't typically compose music, it just comes out of neccesity. I also don't perform in public. Although if you wanted to submit it to the American Idol contest for new songs, David Archuleta could do a smashing job with it I'm sure!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

You must be a Utahn if . . .

Whether you were born here or not - you are a Utahn at heart if you love this stuff.

I, personally, hate it.

Help! My house has been invaded by Destructo-boy!

It's a bird (It's okay Julie, it's not really a bird in my kitchen!), it's a tornado, it's Destructo-boy! He is here and here to stay - although nothing seems to be off-limits.
He turns the big 1 in a matter of weeks, and we are not quite sure how we'll hold down the fort from here on out.

No Comment

I refuse to comment on the particular white substance that was falling from the sky, as well as covering the ground this spring morning when I woke up.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Are you bikini ready?

I never have been and never will be - but thought this was interesting. Consumer Reports published a top 4 weight loss programs.

#4 Slim-fast (without the chocolate chip cookie!)
#3 Jenny Craig
#2 Weight Watchers
#1 Volumetrics

Check out a clip about it from a morning show here.

Now to work on that tan . . .

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Well, yesterday was Jeff's birthday. We had fun celebrating dual holidays. I would show you a photo of the cake, but it wasn't that great. In fact, I hardly even wanted to bring it out with guests over!

I came down with the stomach flu on Friday and Saturday (while I was supposed to be making a spectacular cake!). So what came out was a pretty pathetic looking Easter egg cake, but it tasted great anyway. It was sad because it will be another 228 years before he has another Easter birthday.

And we also had to cancel our fabulous fancy dinner Friday night because I felt so yucky! Oh well, maybe this weekend.
I won't gush about my husband here - that's what personal cards are for. But I will say this, my husband is hilarious - he constantly cracks me up. He is one that you have to get to know before you see that side of him. Just get him around his mom and sisters, I've never seen him laugh harder! Even things he does, without trying crack me up. Take his work badge for instance. Each employee gets to bring in their own photo to put on their badge. If you look closely at Jeff, you can see one of Bella's hairbows by the side of his face. It cracks me up that it is the photo he chose to put on it!

Happy Birthday honey - you're the best!

Reflections of Christ

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the Easter Pageant at the Arizona Temple, there is a special exhibit. Click here to read the story behind the exhibit. (I highly recommend reading the article first, if you haven't seen the exhibit personally.

There is a beautiful slideshow featuring the photography from the exhibit. Click here to view.

The official website has a little different angle on the exhibit. Click here.
We have a little personal connection with it - 2 people from our ward in Gilbert were involved. Jason Barney produced the music, and Jason Calvi portrayed Joseph. Here's a link to watch a little "behind the scenes" interviews - the first person talking is Jason Barney. This link is one that explains what the photographer was expressing in the Nativity scene.

Enjoy! I loved it - wish I could have seen it in person!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

It has been a busy, but great day. We loved having family over tonight for Easter dinner and all the little ones had so much fun playing together, as always. Here are some of our highlights.
It started with the planting of the "magic" jelly beans last night before going to bed. (It's Easter magic that only works on Easter Eve). This morning they woke up to find lollipops sprouted overnight! (Because flower beds are unheard of here at this time, I had to plant my own indoors).

They loved their Easter baskets and all the goodies they held. I think Sofie digested more chocolate and candy before 10:00 a.m., than most do in their whole lives!All ready for Church! ( I really must get better at doing the boy Easter clothes - I'm new at this okay!)And when the guests have gone, and we are ready to get ready for bed, "where's Sofie?" She had found the "stash" and was having an after dessert feast!We hope you all had a great Easter, filled with family and friends. We are so grateful for those people we have in our lives that fill ours with happiness!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Million Dollar Smile!

Bella woke up this morning, and decided she was done with the wiggly tooth. I think that she just didn't realize that when she asked me to pull it out, that I would really do it. I popped it out in no time (as soon as I could grip the little thing!), and she looked a bit shocked! She spent quite some time examining the bloody hole left in her mouth. As soon as I pulled it out, Sofie came up to me and opened her mouth just like she saw Bella do, waiting for who knows what!

I am sad because it seems like yesterday I watched that little tooth come up in her mouth. I am also sad because it is the beginning of giant teeth photos! (I'd better call the photographer and schedule a photo session A.S.A.P.) Thank goodness I started her tooth fairy pillow last night!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Enchanting

This was a darling movie - we loved it. My favorite part was when she made her dresses out of the curtains. Amy Adams is darling - she sings and moves just like an animated princess. Patrick Dempsey isn't so bad to watch either!

Of course the Easter Bunny is bringing it to Bella this weekend, so I don't have to worry about it. Even though she was speechless when she sat next to him yesterday.

So if the person dressed up the the very fake looking Bunny suit is not bringing your video - you'd better go out and buy it soon!!!

You win some, you lose some

Last night for dinner I made Teriyaki Chicken. Reed kept spitting it out every time we tried to feed it to him, and Sofie would not sit at the table and eat - she just kept running away. Meanwhile, Bella had 3-4 helpings.

I said "Why don't they like my dinner?". Bella replied, "Well, 2 of us like it (Jeff & Bella) and 2 of us don't." And then very matter-of-factly said "Sorry Mom, it's a hard thing to deal with."

Monday, March 17, 2008

Horton Hears a Who

We ended the day by going to the movies! It's been a long time since the whole family has gone together and it was fun. Although Reed did not last much past the previews in the seat, he watched and even laughed for quite a while. Summer movies will be an adventure this year!
The movie was cute - I loved the animation. It was done very well. I did think the middle dragged on a bit too long, but the beginning and end were great. My favorite parts were when it stayed very close to the book and they were actually reading Dr. Seuss' writings.
I have a hard time with many of these "children's" movies that contain some adult humor, such as Shrek (getting hit in the crotch, alluding to being gay, etc.). I thought that should have been left out and I don't believe Dr. Seuss would appreciate it in his story.
All in all it was a cute movie and enjoyable. The kids loved it and we will most likely purchase it when it comes out on DVD.

My fabulous birthday weekend!

I do believe I LOVE my birthday on Monday! That means the party starts on Friday and last all weekend!
Friday Jeff came home at lunch and gave me some money and the rest of the day off! I left about 1:00 p.m. and came home at 1:00 a.m. - it was great!!
I started my adventure by going to Lunatic Fringe to get my hair cut, which I love! My favorite thing is to be able to tell the stylist - "Do whatever you want (within reason of course!)" And that's what I have been able to do with this stylist the last couple of times I've been there.
Then I drove to Spanish Fork to meet Amy. We became fast friends the summer before 3rd grade, and have kept in touch ever since. We were inseparable for years and still love getting together.
We went to this little spa the Primrose Retreat, and had "Ice Cream Pedicures". It was so much fun, and the ice cream was delicious! All the lotions, scrubs, and foot soak were ice cream and toppings flavors. Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, etc. We loved it!
The party continued when we went to Pizzeria 712 for dinner - it was delicious! Very yummy menu for those of you that live around here.
We did a little shopping and then went to PF Chang's for dessert. I'd never had dessert there before because I'm usually so full from dinner that I always pass. It was great.
All in all, a very fun and relaxing little getaway!

Yesterday we had a birthday dinner at Susan's house. She made Chicken Parmesan which was divine! It was fun to celebrate it with Susan, Jane, and our families.

Thanks to everyone for the many e-mails, phone calls & cards! I can't believe I'm 35!

Luck O' The Irish!

Erin go Bragh, Shamrocks and Sheleighleighs, and luck all around us on this St. Patrick's Day! (I did think it was a little inappropriate to see the organist at church yesterday wearing a tie with 4 mugs of green beer on it!
Aunt Katie sent the girls their darling festive hairbows. They love them! They were both so excited this morning to get dressed in their lucky outfits!

Thursday, March 13, 2008



I don't know what this says about me - but BRING THEM ON! I found this on a friend's blog and thought it was hilarious! Try it out and see where you stand - just don't take it too seriously (how do you think I scored 23?!)

A perfect balance

You know, I was always told to keep my life in balance. I think this lunch is a perfect example of that. It's my pre-birthday Mrs. Field's giant cookie - because 1 b-day treat is not enough! The cookie is all I really wanted to eat for lunch, but since I had already eaten the same thing for breakfast, I figured I'd throw in the shake simply for a little nutritional value.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Love

In the car on the way home from preschool Bella started giggling. She said "I think Reed is falling in love with me. Every time I look at him he smiles. I didn't know he would falled in love to me!"

Ah, the days when you just knew you would marry your dad or your older brother when you grew up!

Monday, March 10, 2008


These are some of my favorite conversations with Bella that I've had since she turned 5 (over the last 6 months). It's very hard to keep a straight face sometimes, because Bella is very sensitive about people laughing at her (no matter how we explain it!)

Bella: "Mom, how come you didn't want to be anything when growed up - like a doctor or a princess or something like that?"
Mom: "I did - I wanted to be a mom"
Bella: "But you're just a plain mom"
Mom: "No, I'm not a just a plain mom. I'm your mom, and Sofie's mom, and Reed's mom"
Bella: "But we're just plain kids!"

Often when I am getting Reed dressed I comment to him that he is "The skinniest boy on the block" because at his last check-up he was 97% for height and 20% for weight.
Bella: "Mom, what does skinny mean?"
Mom: "Oh, it just kinda describes your body shape"
Bella: "Well are you skinny?"
Mom: "What do you think?"
Bella: "Well, I think you're kinda fat"
Mom: Pointing to my body "Oh no honey, THIS is skinny. This is as good as it gets!"

Bella: "Mom, have you ever died?"
Mom: "No, have you?"
Bella: "No"

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Sofie said her first unassisted prayer tonight when she went to bed. It was the cutest thing!

Heavenly Father
(Long Pause)
Thank you, for this day
Grandma Susan
At Church
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Spring what?

My favorite thing about Arizona?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fit for a princess

This was a cake someone ordered for their 1 year old Princess. I thought she turned out pretty cute. It was one of those that had me stumped as to what to do until I actually did it.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A square peg in a round hole

Just to clarify, the title of my last post was "ONE good thing about Utah", not "THE ONLY good thing about Utah"!

I'm sure that each of you has at least one experience when you moved somewhere and felt very out of place and was unsure about if you really liked it. I felt this way when I moved to Arizona as well. Each place takes time to get used to. Until I get these roads down like nobodies business - it's going a while for me to feel comfortable here and like it!

There are plenty of things I like about Utah - like the fact than you can go sledding or skiing at a moment's notice 9 months out of the year and the opportunity I have to meet new people and make new friends! No seriously - here are my top 10 (aside from my last post)
(although I have made a couple great new friends!)

10. FABULOUS summers. Contrary to popular belief, the summers here are PERFECT. Not humid, and not so hot you could fry and egg on the sidewalk! Remember - summer is meant to be hot!

9. Dunford Donuts - thanks to my MIL for introducing me and showing me that the factory is just down the road. Unfortunately for the waistline - they are scrumptious chocolate donuts!

8. Beautiful Fall Leaves - as some of you know, I was quite puzzled last fall while on the phone with my AZ sister Dayna. I was driving toward the mountains and wondering why college students would put red paint all over the mountains? It made no sense to either of us until I figured out it was the red leaves on the trees.

7. More house for the money - Even though our living space at the time is smaller that what we had in Phoenix, we have much more room in our house. Hopefully before too long we will have more finished space in our house than unfinished!

6. Close to Salt Lake - It is pretty neat being in as my Dad calls it "The Emerald City". To hear church headquarters referred to as "downtown" and being able to visit the Conference Center and Temple Square for various events.

5. New Cuisine - A whole new city full of restaurants to try! I just bought the current issue of "Salt Lake" which features the 2008 Dining Awards. In a year or two I hope to have a list of personal favorites!

4. Warm things - It's funny that in Phoenix we had a fireplace we rarely used but here we don't have one! I love curling up in a big thick blankets and wearing sweaters and sweats. It's something you can't do very often back home (unless you crank the A/C)!

3. New Shopping - It's fun to find new "haunts" such as Tai Pan, Gardner Village, etc. My new favorite is "Emilie Jayne" in downtown Salt Lake. They have old furniture and accessories and very reasonable prices.

2. Jeff's job - There's nothing like having your husband love what he's doing!

1. Living close to Jeff's sister Jane and her family and my mother in law Susan. Not to mention the many members of Jeff's extended family that live here. It's great having my nieces Shelly and Katie at BYU as well. It guarantees that some of my family members visit occasionally! I couldn't do it here without the immediate and extended family!

Give me time and I'm sure my list will grow.
I can't list the things/people I miss back home in 50 items or less, so I won't!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


One good thing about Utah.
I can leave my chocolate in the car and it stays frozen all winter long!

So Happy!

I think Reed needs a robe - look at how happy he is! Bella burst into tears when she saw this because she was afraid he was going to chew on her robe. She loves it that much!