Friday, March 21, 2008

Million Dollar Smile!

Bella woke up this morning, and decided she was done with the wiggly tooth. I think that she just didn't realize that when she asked me to pull it out, that I would really do it. I popped it out in no time (as soon as I could grip the little thing!), and she looked a bit shocked! She spent quite some time examining the bloody hole left in her mouth. As soon as I pulled it out, Sofie came up to me and opened her mouth just like she saw Bella do, waiting for who knows what!

I am sad because it seems like yesterday I watched that little tooth come up in her mouth. I am also sad because it is the beginning of giant teeth photos! (I'd better call the photographer and schedule a photo session A.S.A.P.) Thank goodness I started her tooth fairy pillow last night!


Anonymous said...

You're growing up way too fast! Before you know it - you'll be getting glasses and braces!

Aunt Di

Dana Mania said...

Congratulations Bella! You are too cute!
P.S. Dawn, I made the "Floor Cleaner Salad" last night for dinner and everyone loved it! And I'm half tempted to drink the rest of the salad dressing! You are an amazing cook and I love your recipe blog! PLEASE keep 'em coming!

Jane said...

so cute, and even cuter in person!!