Thursday, March 27, 2008

Help! My house has been invaded by Destructo-boy!

It's a bird (It's okay Julie, it's not really a bird in my kitchen!), it's a tornado, it's Destructo-boy! He is here and here to stay - although nothing seems to be off-limits.
He turns the big 1 in a matter of weeks, and we are not quite sure how we'll hold down the fort from here on out.


Brooke said...

Good thing he's so cute!

scollier said...

I can't believe that he is almost 1! Where did the time go. It seems like just yesterday I was holding him when he was only a couple of days old. You know that you love the mess. It gives you something to do because you have SO MUCH time on your hands. :)

Jane said...

Send destructo-boy my way when you need a break. He can destroy my house all he wants, his aunt can't resist his cuteness