Wednesday, March 5, 2008


One good thing about Utah.
I can leave my chocolate in the car and it stays frozen all winter long!


Dana Mania said...

Way to be positive! :)

Jane said...

I am glad you could find at least one good thing about Utah. For the next thing you find, I would be happy to provide a photo of myself. Even if you are not crazy about Utah, I am crazy about having you here =)

Katie said...

I think your chances of being hired by the Utah Board of Tourism are officially shot.

Amy said...

Having read this post after your top 10- I took it as a joke.

Maybe not being a Utah-native keeps me from being defensive.

And you must admit- Utah is way better than Kansas. Could you even do a top 10 about KS? I could. Like... I've left. The other top things would involve you and obviously you're not there anymore!

You are right- adjusting just takes time. And next time you have a top 10 about Utah- make sure I'm on it! :)