Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Well, yesterday was Jeff's birthday. We had fun celebrating dual holidays. I would show you a photo of the cake, but it wasn't that great. In fact, I hardly even wanted to bring it out with guests over!

I came down with the stomach flu on Friday and Saturday (while I was supposed to be making a spectacular cake!). So what came out was a pretty pathetic looking Easter egg cake, but it tasted great anyway. It was sad because it will be another 228 years before he has another Easter birthday.

And we also had to cancel our fabulous fancy dinner Friday night because I felt so yucky! Oh well, maybe this weekend.
I won't gush about my husband here - that's what personal cards are for. But I will say this, my husband is hilarious - he constantly cracks me up. He is one that you have to get to know before you see that side of him. Just get him around his mom and sisters, I've never seen him laugh harder! Even things he does, without trying crack me up. Take his work badge for instance. Each employee gets to bring in their own photo to put on their badge. If you look closely at Jeff, you can see one of Bella's hairbows by the side of his face. It cracks me up that it is the photo he chose to put on it!

Happy Birthday honey - you're the best!


Katie said...

Jeff's into hair bows? New client for me!

Janell said...

Yes, Jeff is FUNNY! I thought he was mute for the first 6-months I knew him, though, because he didn't talk! :)