Monday, March 10, 2008


These are some of my favorite conversations with Bella that I've had since she turned 5 (over the last 6 months). It's very hard to keep a straight face sometimes, because Bella is very sensitive about people laughing at her (no matter how we explain it!)

Bella: "Mom, how come you didn't want to be anything when growed up - like a doctor or a princess or something like that?"
Mom: "I did - I wanted to be a mom"
Bella: "But you're just a plain mom"
Mom: "No, I'm not a just a plain mom. I'm your mom, and Sofie's mom, and Reed's mom"
Bella: "But we're just plain kids!"

Often when I am getting Reed dressed I comment to him that he is "The skinniest boy on the block" because at his last check-up he was 97% for height and 20% for weight.
Bella: "Mom, what does skinny mean?"
Mom: "Oh, it just kinda describes your body shape"
Bella: "Well are you skinny?"
Mom: "What do you think?"
Bella: "Well, I think you're kinda fat"
Mom: Pointing to my body "Oh no honey, THIS is skinny. This is as good as it gets!"

Bella: "Mom, have you ever died?"
Mom: "No, have you?"
Bella: "No"


Marci Coombs said...

So cute! I didn't even realize you had a blog! Glad I found it. And yum yum yum to your recipe blog. Can't wait to try the 4 cheese pasta. Hope you guys are doing well. Can you ship your cakes to AZ? They're amazing!

Janell said...

Ha-Ha! I love it! Kids are hilarious! :)

Amy said...

That's hilarious! Enjoy it while it lasts- when she's about 8 or 9 she'll be on the phone all night with her best friend saying those funny things to her!

We had some crazy conversations, didn't we!

Max said...

Dawn, you make me laugh so hard...I miss you!

Max said...

not sure why it says max. i guess he has sabotaged my computer, it's really melissa.

scollier said...

I am still laughing about this. I can hear her saying everything and I can picture the look on her face. I love it so much.