Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Buzz

So on the news they're talking about how Africanized Killer Bees have been found in traps in and Southern Utah. They want to alert Utahns that the Bees have arrived to the state, and to take some precautions. Don't panic, just make sure that your home is secure without any holes through the exterior walls, and call emergency workers if you suspect you have some on your property.

What do they expect? After all, Utah is the BEEHIVE state.


scollier said...

Thanks for the laugh! LOL

Jane said...

In high school there were killer bees in Arizona and they let us out of school early. They put police tape up all around the school and I remember Jeff joking that how silly that was, as if the Bee's would see the tape and come to a dead stop. Ha Ha.

Susan said...

I just love blogs that give me one more thing to worry about!

We will be having the 4th of July parade in your basement. I plan ahead.

Amy said...

True that!