Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy & a giveaway!

I have been very busy with spring cleaning. Not because it's spring by any means, but because I'm wishing spring would arrive. Which would mean summer is closer, and I would once again enjoy Utah weather.

We've organized the food storage by doubling our shelves and steam cleaned the entire house, including all the upholstery and the van interior. I've cleaned and conditioned the leather sofa, and am getting ready to wash walls, baseboards and blinds. There's much to do still.

I am all decorated for Valentine's Day and thought I'd share with you a little bonus. Read on . . .
It always starts with the entry table
My favorite is Bella asking me it that is a really old picture of Daddy and Reed, because it doesn't have any color.
And my tradition of hanging something above the stairs continues:
My mirror, which changes with each holiday. You can see the reflection of the hanging hearts in it, which makes it hard to distinguish what's on the mirror, and what's n0t.
And the upstairs even got a little "sweet treat"
And for your bonus - I'm giving away this Valentine garland to one lucky winner!
All you have to do is make a comment on this post with a fav0rite Valentine's day tradition. Click here to see our tradition. The contest will end Wednesday night, Feb. 4th at midnight. I will use random generator to pick a winner. Only one entry per person please!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Lorie said...

What a cute banner! I love your decorations! And the Heart Pizza! So cute.

My favorite Valentine's tradition is the Pink and Red dinner!

Jennie said...

My favorite tradition (that we don't quite do every year) is getting boxes of conversation hearts for each person and then we use our hearts to make a poem and read our poems out loud.

cute stuff!

Jane said...

As always, I love your holiday house.

Alison said...

I love the jar with the candy hearts... so cool. Need to get me one.

My favorite valentine's tradition is making little gifts for the kids to hand out to their friends at school. I love the whole process!!

And very cool banner by the way!!! Love it.

Daily Jot & Tittle said...

darling decorations!

This year we started the Valentine Robot. We made a valentine robot out of boxes (I'll post it on my blog). Then until Valentines you can leave a note for someone in the robot mailbox. We all love getting mail!

Brooke said...

I am with you on the spring cleaning. May as well get something useful done in this non friendly out door weather so that when it is nice we can enjoy it.

I love all your decorations too. I may try hanging some hearts in my entry.

Our Valentine tradition is similar to yours. We do dinner as a family at home. I usually cook up something extra fancy (we've done ribs or shrimp) and have lots of red in it (strawberries, jello etc). And I decorate the table with the nice dishes (of course we lost a few of those this year and may have to improvise).

It's nice to have something to look forward to in February and it's nice that it's a shorter month!

S.J. Crawford said...

My Dad started our Valentine tradition by writing goofy "Roses are Red" type poems on homemade valentines and taping them to the wall in the main hallway during the night. Then he would hide a candy bar somewhere in the house and give us a clue as to where it is. We still do this in my house and we mail silly poems and homemade cards to each other as adults! Time to start coming up with some rhymes!

Diana said...

popped into say hi! Carson just walked in and saw me scrolling through the post, he had me scroll down to the sweet treat and asked, "what's that?" I said, "candy" he said, "candy hearts." I think he is trying to figure out how we can come visit again to get some of that candy! :)

Marci Coombs said...

Dawn - your house is always TOO cute! You've inspired me once again! Our tradition is to do a big Valentine themed breakfast with the kids. Heart shaped pancakes, strawberry food coloring in the scrambled eggs. Love your banner!

Janell said...

My Valentine's Days have traditionally consisted of wearing all black and "mourned" the lack of love in my life! :) ... but I've recently changed the error of my ways and am no longer 'bitter.' I even decorated my house with heart decor last year & this. Your Valentine decoration would look spectacular in my living room!! (hint-hint, random generator!) :)

ahe said...

I don't know if I any V-day traditions but you have inspired me to start some. Question for you...What are the chances you can do a Thomas cake for Charlie's b-day this Friday? Also, what is your pricing?

LoriK said...

CUTE Banner. Our tradition is heart pancakes for breakfast and a red and white dinner.

Katie said...

I realize I already have a sign, but I could not RESIST trying for this one too!!

The only Valentines tradition we never break is my pound of Sees. But, now that the girls are getting older I want to start more family traditions as well. With my new Kitchen Aid, I'm hoping to become a heart shaped pizza maker myself. (Wish me luck!)