Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Debbie!

My sister Debbie is having a birthday today. She is 37! (I love being the youngest girl - now that we're older!)Debbie is hilarious. If you ever want a great game, play Apples to Apples with her. She giggles nonstop, and loves to have fun.
She enjoys playing with her nieces and nephews, and coming up with funny names to call them. When Reed was just a bald little baby, she called him "Dallin H. Oaks". When she meets you, she'll tell you who you look like. Often times, it's a lesser known role in a movie. So don't be surprised if you don't know who she's talking about. Go back and watch the movie though, because she'll have the name right (whether they really resemble you or not!).
Love you Debs - you're one in a million! Happy Birthday!


Katie said...

I always love when Debbie visits. It's so fun to talk about movies with her!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Debbie!

Jeff's sister Katie

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Debbie! I love it also when she tells you who you look like. She is so cute and fun to talk to. (Jeff's other sister)

Susan said...

I can't remember what star in what movie you said I looked like.

Oh wait a minute----wasn't it Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith?:)

I love you Debbie.

Alison said...

Ok, wait... I'm laughing at Susan's comment.

Ok, I am back.

I recently was at a soccer game and a young man came up to me and said... "Hi Darla. I know you aren't really Darla, but you look like her, so Hi!!" His dad later explained that I was the spitting image (poor Darla) of his sister-in-law's babysitter.

I think it is a great skill to have that kind of 'facial recognition' and to be able to recall the names so effortlessly. Way to go Debbie!!!

P.S. I heard it was Jessica Biel that Susan is often mistaken for. ???

Alison said...

One more thing...

Happy Happy Birthday Debbie!

Alison (Jeff and Dawn's friend)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Debs!

I don't have many childhood memories without you in the them.

You have always been a light in the dark for me and for others. Have a great birthday!

ckm said...

Happy Birthday Debbie! I have such fond memories of her as a youth. Always so happy go lucky and always the first one on the dance floor at the Stake Dances...she knew how to get the party started! You have an amazing family...and she is just a wonderful example of it too!