Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

Saturday we decided to go to "BOO at the Zoo", along with the rest of the city of Salt Lake! It was a gorgeous day, almost a too warm for their costumes. (Jeff stayed home to get some yard work done)
We went with the Nuvan's, to celebrate Samantha's 3rd birthday.
It was so, so crowded. Insanely crowded. So crowded that I didn't really care for the zoo, even though it was my first time to visit. There were just tons of people . . . and kids . . . while I was trying to keep an eye on my own little animals.
I hadn't finished the girls costumes yet, so we decided to go as animals to the zoo (+ 1 monster). We borrowed some costumes from Challene, and the girls had a ball trying to find the animal like their costumes.

Sofie found the elephantsAnd the frog we found was so little, we decided to take a photo next to something that talked about frogs.
The fall colors have been absoutely gorgeous this year. And the fact that you can go outside and enjoy them, because it's not snowing, is a huge perk.