Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yesterday after school I took 4 girls (6, 5, 4, & 3) and Reed (18 months) to the movies. We had some free tickets that expired yesterday, and I've been wanting to see this movie.
The kids loved it. They were glued to the screen with a small exception for about 2 minutes. Reed, not so much, but did much, much better than at the summer movies. Personally, I thought it was pretty dumb. Very disappointing. The animation was done very well, but the story line lacked considerably.
Definitely won't be purchasing this one.


Katie said...

FIVE KIDS UNDER SIX at a movie theater???? In the spirit of pioneer women who gave birth along the trail, You are among the bravest, bravest, BRAVEST woman I've ever known.

Lorie said...

I am sad it wasn't funny! It looked like it had potential!