Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let the festivities begin!

The mad rush began to finish the halloween costumes. Reed's arrived in the mail on Saturday, thanks to Dayna for mailing it my way! By Sunday night I finished the girl's costumes, (and Sofie's bat dolly)

My little Tinkerbella
When the costume process began for me this year, I was debating on what to do for Sofie and Reed (Bella had her mind made up). I found this costume in a catalog, and thought it was funny. I loved the dolly, and the description, "If you've got a bat attitude, this is definitely the disguise for you." The description fit Sofie too perfectly, but unfortunately, the costume did not come in her size.

So this is my take on the costume.I thought it turned out pretty funny. (if you don't know me, when I say "funny" or "hilarious", I think it's cute or sassy)
My baby bear
Last night we went to Grandma Susan's for her annual Halloween party. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, and the kids got to decorate cookies afterwards.
They did a craft of decorating a Halloween pail with cute faces.
They were then each given either a light wand (girls) or a light sword (boys). They are like a giant glow stick, with either a star on one end, or a handle on one end. The kids used their glow sticks to search in the dark for the treasure. Grandma had presents for each of them hidden.
We had so much fun with our Basinger cousins! Thanks Jane for all the cute photos!
Sofie and Reed got dressed up again today for a Halloween party at our house. We had about 25-30 little ones here enjoying a potluck lunch, a little craft, and a fishing pond. We have Sofie's preschool program, and a trick or treating field trip for her on Thursday. Then we do it all again on Halloween.
I love it!


Diana said...

Their costumes are SO SO cute! But why should I be surprised? Looks like the party was great fun, what a fun grandma!

S.J. Crawford said...

Amazing job Dawn! You never stop, do you?!!

Jane said...

It was a blast. I love the zoo costumes too, I wish my babies could have seen Reed as Elmo!

Katie said...

You have GOT to enter Sofie into some kind of costume contest!!! DARLING!!

Alison said...

Amazing costumes... I cannot WAIT for you to see pictures of my kids... The anticipation is actually taking my breath away!

I will post by Friday afternoon. Our trunk-or-treat is Thursday night.

Prepare yourself to be blown away... ha...

Janell said...

Dawn's brilliance strikes again. You never cease to amaze me, girl!!!