Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Conference Weekend

It's conference weekend! I have been so extremely disappointed with the media here in Utah. I have not found one news station that I like. I'm a little biased with an uncle like Kent Dana, one of the best newscasters around.

The other night on the local news here, the weatherman said, "Well, this weekend is the General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And as they say, 'when the saints meet, the heavens weep' (meaning rain)". I sat there thinking, he did not just say that cornball line did he? And guess what? On the next news cast, he said it again! Oh how I miss Phoenix news.

Then there's my favorite story of my sister Dayna at BYU. She and some friends went out dancing one Friday night, and the DJ yelled "IT'S CONFERENCE WEEKEND EVERYONE", and everyone cheered! I think it's hilarious!

I have had some friends email me conference packets, (thanks Stacia & Diana!) and thought I would post them here for anyone that would like to print them out. And then I went a step further and added some others that I found, for all ages. Enjoy!

Conference Packet #1 - click here
Conference Packet #2 - click here
Nursery/Jr. Primary coloring packet - click here
Youth Conference worksheet - click here
Conference File Folder - click here
12 apostles matching game - click here
Apostle cards w/facts - click here
Conference Reverence Tent - click here

My personal favorite - The Apostle Song - click here


ahe said...

Thanks so much for doing this leg work. I have seen the conference packets but didn't know there was one for nursery age kids.

Jane said...

Thanks for those links. My fav Utah news churchy story is when the TOP, yes TOP story of the day was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir carpools to practice. I can't believe that one didn't go national. Talk about major new that the world needs to know!

Lorie said...

THANK YOU for posting these! I was just telling my husband that I hadn't gotten any via email yet (usually I get them from multiple people!)

We are going to print these off and make a Reverence Tent (from the Friend)! So fun!

Dana Mania said...

Thanks for these awesome packets!

I have a feeling I will be the playing with them!