Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The ice cream truck has been quite persistant this summer in our neighborhood. Without fail you hear his little song throughout the neighborhood for hours on end each afternoon/evening. Bella was ecstatic to figure out that a toy phone she received for her birthday played "the ice cream truck song". Sofie calls it "Hice cream". While we have never purchased anything from the truck, they continually gaze at it with wonder and amazement, as it passes by the house.
For many years I told Bella that if the truck was playing the song, it meant that it was out of ice cream. So while at a stop light once, she looked over and low and behold, there was an ice cream truck right next to them. She yelled at Jeff "Dad, hurry, the music's not playing, let's get some ice cream!".
So yesterday Bella and Sofie are out on the trampoline and the ice cream truck rolls by. Bella came running in the house saying that she got herself and Sofie safely into the house before the ice cream man could see them. When I pressed her for why she did that, she informed me that her friend Lolly said that the ice cream men will kidnap little kids. Then she asked "Mom, so does he just get out of his truck and run up really fast and get you?" Trying not to laugh I explained that not all ice cream men are kidnappers, and just to make sure you have a grown up with you if you ever go to one.
So tonight the girls were jumping on the trampoline and Jeff & I were in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner. All of a sudden we heard this man's voice coming from the backyard. Jeff looked out the window, and then explained to me that the little boy from a couple of houses down had wandered into our backyard (we have no fence). The man came to get the little boy. Then Jeff said "or maybe it was the ice cream man."


Chuck Charley said...

May I suggest you not let the children watch "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" - I still am scared of that candy man kidnapping the kids.

Katie said...

Jack & I laughed out loud at least 4 different times while reading this post. Very well done!

Jane said...

I can't stop laughing at Jeff and Bella at the stop light. That is just hilarious.

Chantellebr said...

What we parents won't say to our children to get out of spending $2.50 on a cone!

The one and only time I ever got an ice cream from the truck was when I was around 5. I was visiting my Grandpa in El Paso, TX and when I heard the truck simply announced that I heard it. Then I got a lecture from G'pa about how expensive it was... Then a few minutes later he took me for a walk and bought me one. That Pac-Man ice cream lasted me 2 days!

Diana said...

yeah, we have issues with the ice cream man too! Good thing he doesn't come around here to often!

Maryann said...

I'm laughing so hard about all the ice cream truck lies. SO glad I'm not the only parent that makes up tales to get out of something!! :)