Friday, October 24, 2008

Blast from the past

Recently we had playgroup at "The Gale Center". It is in South Jordan, at Redwood road and 104th South. We had so much fun!

They have a great mining exhibit that the kids loved, and exhibit on the heart (was a little old for them, but they loved pushing the button to hear the loud heartbeat), and some antiques set up to look like a little house.Their favorite part was in the play area. There is a schoolhouse (Bella nominated herself to be the teacher), complete with sacks for potato sack races.
A house with a front porch, kitchen, dining table, living room, and dress up clothes.Out in back of the house is a dog house, chicken coop (you can collect the eggs), clothesline (to hang clothes), cow (to practice milking), and a stream (complete with a footbridge) to fish in.Then there's the country store where you can buy groceries. The kids loved weighing their vegetables, and loading up wheelbarrows and baskets full of goods.
There was an old telephone booth, and a gas station with a couple of cars you could sit in.
The kids did not want to leave (we stayed for almost 2 hours) and were immediately asking when we could return. The best part is - it's FREE!


Chantellebr said...

It was so much fun! Thanks for a great playgroup lady.

Alison said...

What a fun playgroup location! Love it!

Jane said...

wow, so much cooler that I imagined. We are totally going next week.

Amy said...


It even looks better than CowTown.

Maryann said...

How fun! I never knew that even existed. We'll have to check it out!