Monday, October 6, 2008

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

How does your green grass grow?

As most of you know, we have been working outside all summer (it seems anyway) on trying to get our yard together. We had to do our trampoline pit, construct a wall down there, before we could even begin our sprinkler system. Due to the fact that we had no clue as to what we were doing, it took about 10X as long as it should have.

Because we live in the foothills of the Oquirrh (pronounced "O-kur") mountains, our dirt looks like this:
Tons of rocks, of all sizes. We made some screens, and (so far) have sifted out 110 wheelbarrows full of "clean" dirt, in our front yard. That means we've (Jeff) hauled over 30 wheelbarrows full of rocks to an undisclosed location (Jeff is paranoid every time he hauls one away, that the cops are going to drive up as he's dumping them, cuff him, and book him. Yes, a little dramatic.).

Jeff is VERY into the yard, has done more research than anyone I know on types of seeds that will grow the best, as well as, look the best. He sent off a soil sample to the Utah State University to find out what our dirt lacks. He ordered in compost (mixed with some bark to retain moisture) to mix into the dirt. He has a fertilizer tank hooked up to the sprinkler system that fertilizes every time we water the grass. And don't forget about the moisture sensor that shuts off the system if the ground is wet enough. After so many hours of research, he also found rebates for everything from the timer box, to the moisture sensor, not to mention the money we'll save by having the sensor.

He is often seen on his hands and knees, checking his grass seed. The weather report is big around here, making sure the seed can grow in the temperatures we're experiencing. And DON'T come by during the recent rainstorms we've had. It's depressing watching the sifted soil and seed wash down the street.

Look at our cute little seedlings that have grown over the last 2 weeks!

I'm sure we'll be sprinkling more seed in the spring, because a lot of seed did wash away.

Next summer: The backyard (uhg!)


Chantellebr said...

You guys have worked so hard! It'll feel like a new house again next spring when you have tonz of grass everywhere. Plus you'll be amazed at how much cleaner your entryways will be. So much to look forward to.

Diana said...

Wow! Jeff is a little out of control! But in a good way, I guess we all have our obsessions! Awesome!

Aileen said...

I had SOO much fun with you this weekend. I'm lucky to have you as my sis-in-law. Thanks to Jeff for babysitting my beautiful nieces and nephew so the girls could shop & EAT!!!

Jane said...

he sent a dirt sample to University of Utah? Wow, you better have the best lawn in the city next spring.

Chuck Charley said...

In defense of Jeff, I believe that his fears of the police coming after him our legit. Remember the advice you gave us about getting boxes from behind the store? Then we get chased by security guards. (Sync here Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law") Not all of us have immunity from the man like you do Dawn!

S.J. Crawford said...

This is the first blog I've seen on dirt! We are addicted for sure! Hope it works!!!

Tarina said...

Wow, that is alot of research, sounds like something my dad would do. The whole fertilizer thing is cool I have to admit. Way to go.

Amy said...

Glad to see your hard work paid off! I'm sure that little bit of green has never looked so good.

And it looks so level and flat. How did you do that? :)