Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last night was Sofia's preschool program. They sang lots of Halloween/fall songs, many of them ending in "BOO!". She had her line that she said "In the fall comes lots of leaves, wind and cold to shake the trees". It was memorized, but due to stage fright, she just repeated what her teacher told her to say. She did a great job, and I was very proud of her for standing up, participating, and not being scared. This is her and her friend Samantha.
We had such a fun & busy day. Thanks to Grandma Susan and Aunt Jane for watching Reed today, we were able to spend the day together at Bella's school. We spent all day (until school gets out at 1:00) helping the classes do games, treats and crafts. Sofie loved being able to walk the halls with her sister during the school parade. She also loved being able to do projects with the kindergartners.
Bella had fun making pasta skeletons, lollipop ghosts, and decorating cookies.
I have to say - I loved, loved, loved this Halloween! The weather was absolutely perfect. 70 degrees, and the trick or treating evening was terrific as well. My little Tinkerbella didn't freeze her little wings off, as I had imagined she would.Reed absolutely loved trick-or treating. Always went for the M&M's, and always had candy in his little paws.
I am just glad I no longer have to spray Sofie's hair black again. We sprayed it 6 different times, requiring 6 baths since Monday, 4 of those baths were on yesterday and today. We sprayed it in the morning, and then would have to come home and wash it out (it rubs off on EVERYTHING), then spray it again for the evening. Not to mention the dress and hair bats had to be washed each time as well, because they would end up black after each use.
That girl needs some lotion now!

Hope you had a great festive Halloween as well!


Jane said...

wow, you are fast with those pictures1 It really was a perfect Halloween night. I am in love with that picture of Reed and the m&m's.

ahe said...

Cute pics. Happy Halloween!

Katie said...

LOVE Reed ringing the doorbell. I cannot believe he's old enough to ring doorbells.

Diana said...

so fun! You are fast!