Thursday, October 2, 2008

My little artist

So my little Picasso has been back at work. After the rave reviews of her "hands on" artwork, she decided to have an encore performance. This time it was a much larger scale than before. And to further the challenge, it was a vertical surface, not as easy as a horizontal table.

The medium she chose was an orange Crayola marker, and her canvas you ask? Her bedroom wall, right above her crib. The mural extends to an enormous 2 1/2' high, to over 6' wide! This is surely the largest scale she has ever attempted.

Truly an one of a kind piece of art, and just may be the last one she ever attempts (while living under my roof).
I did have to boost the color so you could see the drawing on the white wall. When we finish our basement the room will be Reed's. Maybe I'll just start painting it in boy colors and make the girls deal with it.


Maryann said...

It looks very abstract... just pretend you paid thousands for it and no one will ever know!

Jane said...

very impressive sofie!

Diana said...

Very, very nice....ugh!

S.J. Crawford said...

Too funny! Once Tess drew a big balloon with a magic marker on our white wall by the front door in our apartment! Oops!