Friday, November 28, 2008


One of our favorite dates Jeff and I go on is to the ASU football games. We love to get out and enjoy the crowd, and some football. I'm not a huge football fan, but through Jeff and his great enthusiasm for ASU football, I can appreciate the game and it's fun to attend the games.

My favorite part of the date is eating at "The Chuckbox". Yes you sit on a wooden crate and it's not the most stylish restaurant. But it awesome football food. The line is always out the door on game days. Best hamburgers and fried mushrooms. (Jeff hesitated taking me there for the first time because I'd always make fun of the name. He was so shocked when I loved it.)

That's where we'll be tonight. Eating and cheering - ASU! ASU! ASU!


Katie said...

I am oficially homesick.

me said...

I feel the same about football...I'm not too big of a football fan, but Phil makes up for that! I do enjoy going to the games, but I feel bad for Phil cus I'm constantly saying, "What does that mean? What is going to happen now? Is that a bad thing? What's a touchdown??" LOL!

S.J. Crawford said...

Russ and I went to the game Saturday night! It was sooo fun!!! Even though I am a cougar inside it was fun to cheer for the Sun Devils! Crazy how the DEFENSE scored 28 points!!

Beckie said...

What a fantastic date! Hope you enjoyed all of your Phoenix outings... sorry I missed having a face-to-face with you. I saw you across the room on Sunday & wanted to run over and give your family a hug... after the meeting was over... and then things became a blitz or blur perhaps from that point on. Not really sure HOW I missed you! Next time my friend... take care!