Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Dianne!

My sister Dianne is having a birthday today! Let me tell you a little about her, and our relationship.

She is older than I (well, all my sisters are older. Yes, it's great being so young!) and I have always looked up to her. I have many, many memories of her reading me bedtime stories, giving me baths, getting me dressed for photos, etc. Most of all, she did my hair every morning that she was home (not away at school or on a mission). And not only did she just do my hair, it was always so cute and stylish in fun fancy braids, with ribbons. I always received compliments on my hairstyles when Di did it.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like my mother watched soap operas and ate bon bons. She had her hands full running a household and being a wife and mother to 10 kids.

I had the opportunity to live with Dianne when I was 19. I left home and moved to St. Louis to live with her. I loved it! We had so much fun, I learned a ton, and have many great memories of our time together in Grandma's basement (not our grandma, that's another story).

Then we decided to move to - and went to Phoenix. Had we ever been to Phoenix before? No. Did we have jobs in Phoenix? No. Did we know anyone in Phoenix? Not really.

It was a hard first year there, but we got through it together. We didn't always love it, and we were pretty poor. But we still managed to have fun and we got very close because of it. I then left on my mission and circumstances changed for both of us.

After my mission when I looked into what profession I wanted to go into, I chose Culinary School. I researched all the schools and found the one that was a great education at a price point I could afford. The bonus was it was in Scottsdale.

Long story short, Dianne and I moved in together again, and once again began our adventures, while both in school.

She has always been a role model to me. Dianne is the best, and favorite, aunt around. We had so much fun staying with her on our visit home, and already miss her.

She's now a fantastic teacher, who puts her whole heart and soul into her fourth graders. They love her to pieces and I do to! Thanks Di for being you, and for helping me become the person I am today. I love you!


Susan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANNE!! We want you to come visit us again!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Dianne! You are FABULOUS!!:)

Cindy said...

What a nice tribute. The world would be such a better place if everyone had a Dianne in their lives!

Katie said...

I'm a Dianne Fan too! Happy Birthday!