Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Dayna!

One of my favorite photos of the two of us was taken on the day she went skydiving. I wanted so bad to do it with her. Sadly, now I will never do it, because I have little ones. I'm not that gutsy!

So, today she turned another year older, and if you know Dayna, she is always wiser. She's extremely smart and very savvy. Always stylish and her home is absolutely beautiful. She has impeccable taste. She's one of the only women I know that is skinnier after having babies than before (and she was skinny to begin with!).

While in high school, (she was a senior, I was a sophomore) we were often confused for one another. At the end of the day we would tell each other which of their friends said "hi" to us thinking that we were the other one. This did work to my advantage though, because the security guard "joe rent-a-cop" always thought that I was my sister. Seniors had an open lunch, sophomores did not. But I left everyday to go home for lunch, and never heard another thing about it.

Dayna and I have lived both near and far from each other and have been very close. We ran a successful business together, ( I remember a couple of entrepreneurial experiences) I even lived with them for a while, when I started culinary school. It was extremely difficult for me to move to Utah, so far away from her, after spending so many hours together running our business, and raising our kids together.

Dayna, you're a person I'll always look up to, and strive to be like. Forever an example to me. Thanks for the fun times, the sad times you helped me through, and the many memories.

I love you!


Katie said...

What a sweet tribute. Happy Birthday Dayna!

Susan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAYNA! I'm also a big fan of yours.

Crystal and Brent said...

Which one are you Dawn! I really had to study that picture for a minute to see it. I don't blame the rent a cop for missing the truth. What a cute sister.