Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snow anyone?

Snow? Oh, we have lots and lots of it. It's all been too wet to build snowmen with.After one of these many snowfalls Jeff was out shoveling. Reed was insisting on going out with his daddy (as he often does). So I bundled him up and sent him out. He was a bit hesitant at first, but quickly grew to love it.
It was hilarious watching him follow Jeff around. My favorite photo I took of them is blurry - but I think you get the picture.The other day Bella went sledding with her little friend Mikayla. Typically her friend can stay out for 3 hours. Bella came back into the house after 30 minutes. After being sent back out by Mikayla's mom, she lasted another 30 minutes and was done. She told her mom, "I guess I'm just not a snow kinda gal". But yet when she came home, she told me over and over again how much she loved sledding. She's hilarious.

And today, on Christmas Day, this is the storm we received.It was so, so windy, snow just clung to every little surface. It was crazy how you couldn't see hardly anything because the snow was just blowing everywhere. It almost looks like there are little reindeer tracks on our porch.


Jane said...

This snow and wind is ridiculous. I hope we make it to your house alive. Poor Aaron had snow up to his waist against the garage to shovel from all the wind. As long as it doesn't keep us from our early morning after Christmas sale extravaganza tomorrow.