Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Apparently I'm in the minority.  I tried to go in without too high of expectations, but they were too high.  I was pretty disappointed in the movie and really have no desire to see it again.  I am however dying to read the books again so that I can recapture the feeling and excitement of the series.  

In my opinion, they need to fire the make-up artist, the costume designer, and the director.  I think some of the simplest things should have been addressed, that are important to the book.  How hard would it have been to put Edward in a leather jacket?  It's a big deal in the book, and he's wearing a stupid tweed jacket that's too small for him.  And then they put a stupid blue jacket on him and zip it up to his chin - he looks ridiculous.  He doesn't look like he's straight out of Calvin Klein ad, like he should.  The fashion just wasn't there.  And how hard would it have been to paint Bella's room yellow, it's too small for a rocking chair to fit in, and where did the brand new laptop come from?  Where's her archaic computer?

My favorite characters were the villains.  They were believable, and I am looking forward to seeing them in future movies.  I was actually sad to see James die, he was a great cast.  I didn't feel any chemistry between Edward and Bella.  

Oh well.  I'm so very glad that so many of you enjoyed it.  I wish I could say the same!


Chantellebr said...

I'm sorry you didn't like it. It wasn't perfect, but I still loved it! I wanna go climb a tree with Pete now...

Brooke said...

No chemistry? What are talking about? Didn't you see the way they looked at each other? That and kissing...that's all they did. :)
And hello...who decided the doc and Edward and the freaky little vampire (I can't remember names anymore) needed to be overboard pasty. The first scene of the doc had me gasping with an "are you serious". I agree, fire the makeup artist.
And put some close on Bella. It's cold outside, everyone has a jacket on, her dad is wearing a flannel shirt and she is running around in tank tops and underwear.
Bella was cast well though...she looked depressed most of the time, but was pretty enough to fit in with gorgeous vampires.
Since I can't remember their names anymore...from your picture I thought the couple on the left was cast well, the couple on the right not so much.
And for everything they left out of the movie I thought it was funny that they had such a huge focus on the doc turning them into vampires (he looked like he was going to eat them...PLEASE!) and ripping the other vampire apart.

With all that said I enjoyed the movie and am looking forward to the next one...they did a good job with the lead into the next one.

Thanks for letting me put my review on your page. I'm too lazy to put it on my mine.

Susan said...

Does this mean I have to return the Twilight movie wardrobe I got you for Christmas?

Rich and Nichole said...

Your problem is you went in with high expectations. Remember, this is the book that was full of problems. It was a quick read and very interesting (it kept me going while nursing Anja) but really.. words not spelled correctly (not that I should judge but that's why I have an editor-- she did, too). I have to say it was a blast to watch it in an audience full of 10 to 17 year old girls. Their giggles and such were so much fun to listen to. Tarina hadn't read the books and it took a little explaining but she seemed to like it. I would say it is worth a video rental. I wouldn't buy it though-- Mamma Mia is worth buying!!!

me said...

Love this post. I liked the books but the more they've been talked about the less I cared for them. Don't know. I'm not in a big hurry to see the movie and probably will wait till it's in the dollar movies. But I do have to say, Edward is as ugly in the movie I as I thought he would be while I was reading the books...I guess I'm not really the vampire type.