Tuesday, November 25, 2008

World's worst pedicure

I love pedicures. I try to get them every couple of months, but they're not the biggest priority. I have terrible feet, and am often filing away at them trying to make them smooth. So when I splurge for a professional to do it, I eat it up. My favorite feeling is going to bed after one and sliding my feet in between the sheets. Nothing snags or feels rough, just smoothness.

So my friend Challene and I decided it was time to have the feet done. She has gone to this school before and said it was good. They only charge $15, and do a really good job because they're students and the teacher is watching them.

We drop the girls off at preschool, and I dropped Reed off at a friend's house. We arrive and it was just a bad day I suppose.

The girl I had trimmed my nails for 45 minutes, NO JOKE! She then put some foot scrub on, and just when I thought she was going to start polishing, she starts trimming AGAIN! I actually had to tell her that they were trim enough. Please stop trimmming! Then, she goes to remove my calluses, and is barely even putting any pressure on the bottom of my feet. She asked me if I knew the store in the mall "Bath & Body Works". I replied "Yes, I love that store". She then said that they sell stuff for feet and that is what I needed to buy.

In my head I'm screaming "what are you talking about? This is what I'm paying you to do!!!"

It took almost 2 hours for the pedicures! I got home and my big toe already had a chip in the polish. Not a happy customer.

And to top it off, as I was checking out the lady informed me that they do eyebrow waxes. They didn't inform my friend that they perform that service. To me that's like going to a plastic surgeon to get your finger worked on and they inform you that they perform liposuction.

At least my chickie didn't cut me like Challene's guy did . . . TWICE! Then he sprayed alcohol on it. Smart. Poor thing woke up in the middle of the night with her toes throbbing.

I told her she could do whatever she wanted but I'm never going back there again. There's got to be someplace that is cheap AND decent.


Anonymous said...

maybe you should trim the hair and nails a bit, file down the bunnions and cut off the warts before you go in next time. It isn't often a student has to work on hobbit feet you know?

Amy said...

This is not a racial comment- but you need to go to the Asians.

Do they have any Royal Nails franchises up there? They charge $25 and do a great job.

If I don't go to the spa, I go to the Asians. It's cheap but perfect. And they're not all chatty. Well, they're chatty to their co-workers in a different language but you can just ignore that and let them pamper you.