Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

My younger brother Daniel just recently left for a tour in Iraq. You can keep up on his travels through his blog, click here.

In honor of the many that selflessly serve our country, and those that are left behind in their service, please remember them in your prayers. I know there are many ways to help them this Christmas as well, please take the time and effort to show your support to our troops.


Jane said...

Thanks for sharing, that is a great picture of him. So cool, so thankful for him and all others like him.

Susan said...

Nothing gets to my heart like those serving our country. Thanks Daniel!!

Brigham said...

We're thinking about Coach Jim today, too.

"Look out for the sprinkler head!"
"Hit it hard and run fast!"
"Freeze on a line-drive, run if it's through!"

Avery still asks about him once in awhile.

S.J. Crawford said...

Thanks so much to your brother!!!

Tarina said...

I wish your brother well in Iraq. I'm can honestly say I am glad that Jared only served one tour in Iraq and that we are done but I am so grateful for those who continue to serve for without them where would our country be?