Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Love it

You know Utah wouldn't be half bad if the weather could stay like this all winter long (60-65 degrees). Oh, wait, that's Phoenix.

I'll have some posts scheduled to go while I'm gone (hopefully I'll get it squeezed into this crazy schedule somehow!).

And I'll be loving the continuation of this fantastic weather - even a little warmer than this. Perfect. That's why I often refer to it as "The Holy Land".


Lorie said...

It is pretty gorgeous here right now!

Anonymous said...

Sse you there!

Anonymous said...

Hey--your negative comments about Utah are getting old! I love my state and take offense at all your bashing!! Arizona isn't my favorite place but I choose not to be rude to those that like it there!

Anonymous said...

What kind of person visits other people's personal blogs and makes rude comments on them?? Someone needs a little less free time!