Friday, April 11, 2008

We're a bit parched

In search of water!

Anyone who's lived in the Phoenix valley knows that the tap water tastes terrible. Hence, I am now VERY spoiled about how my water tastes.

Our favorite place to fill our many water jugs was Water 'n Ice. It was only .20/gallon. We thought that was great, until we moved here.

Now we know that was a phenomenal price! We've tried the Culligan machine at Wal-mart - not that great. We did however find a terrific little water store not too far away - and then it went out of business. They charged .35/gallon, which we thought was a little steep - until now.

Every water store we have tried since then charges about .50/gallon. RiDiCULouS!! So any ideas would be great. We are willing to drive a little way - we have many 5 gallon jugs, so the drive is worth it because we don't have to do it that often.


Jane said...

The Basinger's have some hose water for free. Oh wait, we already tried that and it tastes like a hose. Nevermind.

Amy said...

We have a purifier.... it costs more money up front but no jugs, no gas used filling them and no hassle.

And it purifies the water that comes out of our fridge too so our ice is nice as well.

Good luck!

scollier said...

You can go to Bear Lake and fill them up. My parents have their own well and my grandparents have their own spring. You thought you were spoiled in AZ wait until you have BL water! I know they wouldn't mind. :)