Friday, April 25, 2008


My sister DeLyn gave me the new "Martha Stewart's Cookies" cookbook for my birthday. I am literally drooling while reading it! The photos make you want to take a bite out of the page!

I have always loved making cookies. I don't know what it is about them, but I love it. My mom still can't believe how fast I can crank out a batch, and she prefers making a cake. I don't think they are that much hassle and prefer them over cake anyday.

I tried one recipe while in Phoenix with my friend Debi. The NE Plus Ultra Cookies {basically a chocolate chip cookie}. They were tasty, but won't replace my current choc. chip cookie recipe {which by the way I just posted on my recipe blog}.

We are having a big family dinner tonight and I am trying some of these new recipes for dessert. I'm not sure how many I'll try. As Jeff put it - he may come home and have a platter of 6 different cookies on it! We'll see how the children cooperate, to see how many I get cranked out.
I'll post my favorites on my recipe blog. Keep watching for them!

Ones that have caught my eye: Chocolate Malt Sandwiches, Milk-Chocolate Cookies, Sand Tarts (these look like silver dollars and you can make them into ice cream sandwiches), Chocolate Charms, White Chocolate-Chunk Cookies, Double Chocolate Coconut Cookies. and Chocolate Pistachio Cookies {just to name a few!}.
Can you tell I like chocolate? I believe I will be needing some taste testers - Jeff can't ever keep up with my baking, and things get thrown out because I say they're stale. Any volunteers?


Jane said...

Can we skip dinner tonight and head STRAIGHT for dessert? will probably arrive early, eager to sample them all. We are always hapy to help be your taste testers.

Chantellebr said...

Holy Smokies - did you know that you can get fat just off pictures? It's true - I just gained 3 pounds looking at that delicious chocolatey bliss! Thanks!

Lauri said...

OK...I am salivating!

Janell said...