Tuesday, April 22, 2008

There's only 1 Sofia

For dessert tonight, Sofie wanted bubble gum ice cream (yuck!) and a mini chocolate donut. She went over to the table, and the next thing we knew, she had added Cheetos to the ice cream (now that's delectable!). She ate it all!

After Reed's party Sunday night, we were all exhausted. Jeff & I actually went to bed early (prior to 11 p.m.). It was 10:15 and every light in the house was out. Then Sofie started to belt out 10 verses of "Old McDonald". It was so cute we couldn't tell her to be quiet, but at the same time we wanted to yell out "Put a sock in it!".
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Dawn said...

That's worse than the time Bella was 3 and made her own sandwich for lunch: peanut butter, jelly and cheese.

Dana Mania said...

Alex always does that! I'll be dead tired, almost asleep,then she'll ask me to sing with her. And the songs are all the sweet primary songs, that very I'm glad she knows, but why NOW?! I feel like introducing her to the "Reverently, Quietly" section of the songbook!

Jane said...

I think Sophie needs to learn a thing or two from her mom about the culinary arts. I wish I could hear her singing old mcdonald.

Katie said...

People give ME a hard time becaue I eat chocolate-covered cinnamon bears. Sofia has a long, lonely road ahead of her.

Janell said...

Bubble gum ice cream is actually my favorite!! :) ...but I don't eat it with Cheetos!

P.S. Jennie Blaser has a FUNNY story on her blog about Cheetos. If you haven't read it, you should. http://jennieblaser.blogspot.com/2008/04/bathroom-etiquette.html