Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sleeping with the ponies

Sofie has opted to sleep with her ponytails intact both Sunday night and tonight. Bows and all! Last night they had baths before bed, so she had no choice. I don't get it. I can distinctly remember the feeling when I was little of removing the ponytails, and rubbing my head. That feeling of relief, of freedom! I just don't know why anyone would want to sleep with them in!

Maybe she's feeling a little insecure these days. She took her nap today with her sandals on, and wanted to sleep with them on tonight as well. Once again, she had no choice because she's wearing footed jammies!


Jane said...

Way to teach your girls the importance of wearing a bow. I think she has learned that she must always wear one. I wish my little ladies would keep their hair in during naps, they look so cute the first half of the day, and then naptime comes and I don't ever feel like fixing their hair twice in one day.

Lauri said...

She is adorable!

Chantellebr said...

Maybe she thinks that if she doesn't look adorable when she goes to sleep that she won't look that way in her dreams...then how in the world will Princess Presto find her?