Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pork Chops and Applesauce

Bella came home from school last week asking what we were having for dinner. When I replied that I didn't know, she requested Pork Chops. I wasn't quite sure what precipitated the request until I found out that they studied China at school. She brought home chopsticks and was determined that the only food suitable to eat with them was pork chops. In fact she often referred to the chopsticks as "pork chops" the remainder of the day. It can be confusing I know.

By the way - we had chicken.


Amy said...

I wonder if I'm the only one who "got" the title.... LOL!

That's hilarious! That's why blogging has become such a must. To remind us what we go through to teach and appease our children.

On Wednesday morning, Alex wanted to take his money to school to buy a book from the book fair. Since he's only 6, I was hesistant to send his money with him so I promised him we would go after school. I thought it was open until 7 at night. I got home at 3:53 only to find out they closed at 4. You should have seen me rushing those boys into the van. We got to the parking lot of the school and while I was locking up the van, I yelled, "Run... boys, run!" We barely made it.

But I kept my promise... that's the important thing.