Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pure Bliss

I have always been guilty of LOVING candy. When I was young, my mom would always get after me for "eating my earnings". As soon as I would make any money babysitting, or at my job, I would spend it on either fast food, or at "Mr. Bulky's" {in the mall, it was a fabulous bulk candy store!}.

While visiting my sister-in-law Jane's house, I snaked a couple of these out of her candy dish - and fell in love!
These are so yummy! They just came out about a month ago, and are oh so smooth and creamy. You must try them! They are on sale this week at K-mart for $2.50/bag, which I price matched at Wal-mart. Normal price is $3/bag. Sunday's newspaper will have a B1G1 free coupon in it.

I am a huge See's candy fan {who isn't?} and especially love their chocolate hearts at Valentine's Day and chocolate shamrocks at St. Patrick's Day. But since we can't have them year round - these are great. I love to freeze my chocolate and they are even more yummy!

Personal favorite is a dark chocolate bliss, followed by a milk chocolate bliss, and chased down with a glass of milk!

If you love candy like I do, click here to check out this blog.


Jane said...

Oooh, a candy blog. Right up my alley! I have always wanted to go to a candy show like they have in Vegas at a huge convention center where there is endless new candy to sample and take home. That would be one of my dreams come true. How can I get invited to one? I love candy. (way too much)

Lauri said...


Chantellebr said...

Can I just say 2 words? FEED ME!

Chantellebr said...

So I just tried one of these tonight...Poor Pete is going to go broke and I'm going to get so fat!