Monday, April 28, 2008

An appreciation for nature

We went to the park tonight to take advantage of this gorgeous weather we're having {because we all know it will dissapear the day after tomorrow!}. We were on the way home from and passed by this house. Bella stopped dead in her tracks, looked at it and said "That is a beautiful garden. And it's a big garden too!". It doesn't seem to matter that the people are harvesting weeds! She's still at the age where a dandelion is a special gift to mom. When we were working in the backyard on Saturday she enjoyed picking the "wheat". Once I explained they are "weeds" and that she could pick as many as she wanted - she had a hayday!

While at the park she was riding her bike around a path with a couple of little girls. She suddenly got off her bike and ran at least 200 yards to where I was standing. When I asked her what was going on she said "I hurt my leg!". We then walked all the way back to her bike, and she rode all the way home. She didn't cry until we'd been home for about 15 minutes {obviously at that point it was a sympathy cry!}.
Oh to be 5 once again . . .


Jane said...

That is just too cute. I love that she saw that as a beautiful garden, too funny. I wish they could stay little and innocent forever.

Dana Mania said...

Too bad I can't think the same way as Bella and my Alex. Alex sees dandelions and thinks they are just the most beautiful "daffodils" and is over joyed when I let her pick them all. Thanks for helping me "weed" Al!