Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Soccer girl

Here's some photos Jane took about a week ago while at Bella's soccer game. Jeff's the assistant coach, and Reed seems to think he's Jeff's assistant.

It was pretty funny that when we arrived to the game there were only a couple of other players there, so the field was empty. I laid out my blanket and sat down. Reed backed himself up to sit on my lap, and then immediately started cheering and waving his arms. Am I that much of a lunatic at her games? Well, another mom did ask why I wasn't the assistant coach instead of Jeff. Maybe I am that ridiculous.

The amazing thing about Jane taking these photos, is she had 3 little shadows the whole time. The girl is talented!


Chantellebr said...

I love the tongue! You are a crazy, obnoxious mommy... glad you're finally seeing that. hehe

Jane said...

Cutest little soccer player. We will try to come to another game before the season is over. Thank you SO much for taking Julia to the movie, she had so much fun and was so excited. You are the best!