Thursday, September 25, 2008

Must Have

It is not very often that I buy my kids Happy Meals. Pretty much only if we are on vacation. If we happen to go to McDonald's at another time, they just get the food, not the fancy box/toy.
Unless of course, it's Madame Alexander time. Click here to see the characters. March 2007 is when they did the first run of Wizard of Oz characters. We collected most of those, and now are working on the new ones - the many munchkins, and the Wizard. My absolute favorites this time? The flying monkey and the guard, which we now have.
I like Dorothy's basket this time, but liked her better last time. For the record, I do NOT like the lion this time!
Maybe it's because I'm a Kansas girl, but then how do you explain that I do this EVERY year, because they come out with a new series every year?


Katie said...

We've been to McDonalds 8 times in the last two week & now have 21 of these. Only 3 more to go!!