Thursday, June 26, 2008

A wonderful weekend

We had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite people in this world, Suzanne, this last weekend. We were friends in Gilbert, and share many interests, talents, sense of humor, etc.
We love to sew together, cook together, go shopping together, yell at kids together and all that fun stuff.
Our little girls are very similar in ages and have missed each other dearly over the last year (their mothers included). Suzanne & her family moved to Virginia the same time we moved to Utah, the funny thing was that we each moved to Gilbert at the same time as well.
Suzanne's parents live right outside of Paris, Idaho (near Bear Lake) and she has been visiting for a few weeks. It was great to enjoy the countryside, and just get out and breathe some fresh air.
The girls loved jumping on the trampoline, wandering off into the alfalfa field, picking flowers, and taking rides with "Grandma" on her quad around and around the house.
We miss you guys already! It was a blast!


Chantellebr said...

I tried to be a blog-stalker... but Suzanne wouldn't let me. :(

Diana said...

Oooh, hey Suzanne!! So fun that you got to visit! Can't wait til next week when it will be our turn! :)

scollier said...

Already planning next time. I can't wait. I still think that you should move to Virginia! :)

b. knight said...

How fun! I am so glad that you guys got to see eachother I bet you all had a blast. Maybe one of these days I'll make it up to Utah the same time Suzanne is there after all it is a little closer than Virginia.