Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sound Familiar?

The last couple of days I have really tried to concentrate on keeping the house clean and picked up. I even mopped my kitchen floor twice within a few days, that never happens!

I am realizing that I fight a losing battle. It doesn't matter what I do, it gets 'undone'. I clean the mirror, and within 5 minutes a child has squirted something on it. I vacuum the carpet, and Sofie decided to carry around the box of cereal and spill it all over it. I mop the floor just in time for someone to spill their milk.
'Tis the story of my life!


Marci Coombs said...

My thoughts EXACTLY! So glad someone else feels this way and it's not just me. Some days, I figure...why battle? I don't clean up until the boys are sound asleep. But once morning comes, the circus starts all over again and my attempts are demolished. The joys of motherhood, right?

Jane said...

I feel your pain Dawn. I stayed up late last night and my house was PERFECT when I went to bed. I left for the movie this morning and it was a disaster.