Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beautiful Utah

It is so pretty in Utah, when it's not all covered in snow. We had a very fun playgroup today up in the mountains of Herriman. We were at a beautiful home enjoying the fabulous weather, lunch, and friends.
The girls each got to ride a horse (including me!). And Reed made great friends with the dog. He loved him and would crawl under the table just so he could sit by him.
We even got to see a doe up close, it was under the porch while all the kids were out playing.
It was a fabulous view of the valley, and we had such a great time. Thanks Stacey for making it happen!


Katie said...

Wow! You are making our summer look terribly dull.

Chantellebr said...

It was so FUN! Where's the picture of you on the horse? Maybe you're just pretending you got up there so we'd all think you weren't scared.


Jane said...

That looks like the best playgroup! Your group does so many fun things. I LOVE Reed and the dog. I LOVE the girls in their hats.

Dana Mania said...

A few comments:
-Fun playgroup, I'm jealous!
-Alex didn't start walking until 17 months, but continued walking on her KNEES until 19 months 14 months is NOTHIN'!
-And I LOVE Cookie Cutters. They are so wonderful!