Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our unusual dates

So, I can't quite recall the last time my husband and I went on a dinner and a movie date. But that doesn't mean we don't go out. We go out pretty much every weekend, and about 5 nights a week. Babysitter? Oh no, we don't need one of those. We just put the kids to bed, open the girls window a bit, and leave.

Our dates are in our front yard. We are in the process of putting in our sprinkler system, and are constantly sitting in the dirt. Or in a hole.
We had most of our front yard trenches dug when we had a huge rainstorm. A few of them led to a 4 1/2' hole we dug by our water meter to hook up our line. So, that meant we had 4 1/2' of water to bale out before we could work. It rained again the night after we emptied it, so the next day we had 2' of water to empty. Don't you just want to jump right in?
So this last Saturday Night we decided to stay in for our date. We were at the kitchen table assembling our RPZ (backflow prevention device), valves, and pressure reducing valve. We had the mood lighting, and I told Jeff - It's just you, me and the RPZ.

We really need to get out of here and on a real date!


Jane said...

is Jeff wearing his running shoes, because knowing him, he will continue to wear them running with all that mud until someone buys him a new pair.

Chantellebr said...

Did you get in any good mud wrestling?

Stacia said...

I sooo know what you mean about the dating thing. I can't really remember the last time Eric and I went out that there wasn't some "chore" that needed to be done attached to it. Where's the fun in that?

Brooke said...

These are the dates you'll remember for years to come though! I've actually grown fond of them (on occasion) as long as they don't drive either of us to expletives :)

Maryann said...

Sounds romantic!